• Global Sourcing and Procurement

Specialty Chemical Industries (SpecChem) endeavors to identify and work with market leading manufacturers and suppliers for all products we supply.  This allows us to offer our customers material from the world’s finest certified chemical manufacturers.

  • Quality Audits & Supplier Reviews

We feel that it is very important that our customers receive product of the highest quality.  Specialty Chemicals conducts audits & business reviews of all suppliers we work with, ensuring that the product we sell meets all the requirements of our customer specifications.

Specialty Chemicals also offers quality audits & review services for customers.  If you are working with existing suppliers but are encountering some quality issues, we would be pleased to visit and conduct and in-depth audit of the supplier.  We will report back our findings together with a detailed report of our findings and corrective actions we suggest should be implemented.

  • Logistics and Customs Clearance

Specialty Chemical Industries prides itself in being able to offer a one-stop solution for our customers.  SpecChem handles all the logistics and customs issues for our customers.  We deliver the product to our customers with one invoice and without the additional hassle and complications of logistics and customs clearance.

  • Distribution, Warehousing & Consignment Services

In many cases, our customers are looking for unique solutions to problems they are facing regarding the delivery of their products.   We will customize a solution that meets your needs.

  • Sales & Marketing Representation

If you are a manufacturer looking for a company to market your product, we would be happy to represent and partner together with you to help grow your business.  With our unique market knowledge together with sales & marketing experience we can help you grow the market for your products.

In addition to the above services, we offer a market research service to our customers where we undertake a project to identify the market leading suppliers and provide a detailed list of these suppliers together with pricing and market information for the products our customers are looking for.

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.