Customer success story

Johnson & Johnson turns to SpecChem as a single source for a system of compatible products

Concrete Strategies

Product Used

SpecTilt WB, SpecHard, SC Multi-Purpose Grout, Cure & Seal WB

For this project, a system of compatible components were used. SpecTilt WB was used as the VOC compliant bondbreaker, SpecHard was applied as the sealer and densifier to over 1,000,000 square feet of floor slab, and the two products together provided a compatible system of cure, densifier, and bondbreaker from a single source. SC Multi-Purpose Grout was used on all column base plates, and Cure & Seal WB was applied to cure 330,000 square feet of exterior paving.

Concrete Strategies is a leading edge contracting firm specializing in all forms of concrete construction. The company has a great reputation for quality and pours more than six million square feet annually.

A large Johnson & Johnson facility

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