High Performance Water-Activated Asphalt Cold Patch


HydroPatch provides a high performance and cost-effective solution for permanent repair to asphalt and surfaces. This environmentally friendly, cold mix, water-activated product sets up rapidly and is traffic-ready immediately.

With its revolutionary organic renewable additives, HydroPatch offers a permanent repair solution, thus eliminating the need for repeated repairs or replacements. It is a weather-friendly product, usable all year round, under any weather condition—hot or cold, wet or dry.

Features & Benefits

Easy to use – Just pour, add water, and tamp
Durable – As robust as hot mix asphalt
Fast and resilient – Traffic-ready immediately
Cost-efficient – Avoids repeated repairs
Environmentally friendly – Contains NO petroleum-based distillate solvents or cutbacks
Quickly sealed – Can be sealed immediately after one-hour cure
Simple – No tack coat required for repairs
Versatile – No job too big or small – available in 55 lb pails
Permanent – Prevents repeat repairs of the same pavement defect

Product Comparison


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