SpecChem is a Kansas City-based manufacturer supplying the concrete distributor network with high quality, industry-leading concrete construction materials.

We offer a full line of liquid chemical technologies, including form release agents, paving and curing compounds, finishing aids, cures & hardeners, bond breakers, sealers, bonding agents and surface retarders, as well as an array of cleaning and stripping products.

Additionally, we manufacture a line of epoxy products that includes adhesive bonding agents, epoxy sealers and coatings, and high-strength epoxy mortars and grouts.

Finally, our comprehensive line of cementitious grouts, repair mortars, underlayments and overlayments, and specialty concrete accessories round out an exhaustive line-up designed to provide quality, innovation, and value to distributors, specifiers, and contractors.


SpecChem is a Kansas City-based manufacturer supplying the concrete distributor network with high quality, industry-leading concrete construction materials.

1. The Company

On September 1, 2006, SpecChem acquired the assets of Specialty Construction Chemicals Incorporated.

Since that day, led by Greg S. Maday, Chairman and CEO and Mike Shull, President, we have worked tirelessly to build, maintain, and continue to grow a strong team of industry professionals focused on building solid, long-term relationships, increasing distributor profitability, continually evolving and developing new products, and providing premium, best-in-class customer service.

With over 300 years of collective industry experience and expertise, we are well-positioned to grow our leadership role in an industry poised for growth.

2. Industry Leadership

We take our commitment to being an industry leader very seriously. We manufacture products to serve five key concrete markets – residential, commercial, industrial, DOT & infrastructure, and repair & restoration. And we participate in nearly every industry trade group involved with these key market segments.

Investing in research and development is also a key differentiator helping to establish SpecChem as a best-in-class manufacturer. On-going updates to our laboratory and quality control facilities, combined with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced minds in the industry, help ensure that we are more than just serving our customers – we’re fostering innovation in the industry.

Another area where we seek to constantly provide exceptional value to the industry comes in the form of our training programs. We host annual 2-3 day programs in our 7,600-sq. foot training facility, where distributors from all over the country and internationally enjoy interactive, hands-on product, application and industry information in an exciting and engaging environment.

We also host numerous ad-hoc product and application demos year-round for distributors, contractors, and trade associations in this facility, as well as product demos, jobsite visits, and lunch & learns all over the country, designed to educate distributors, contractors, and the specification community.

Reducing environmental impact is yet another area where we seek to be an industry leader. With a focus on offering low VOC, environmentally-friendly products – products that meet and exceed standards and specifications for sustainability and offer LEED credits – that drive to make better, innovative, concrete products using less material and energy is always at the forefront.

3. Nationwide Distribution, Sales, and Support

We maintain six state of the art manufacturing plants strategically located to serve all major markets, ensuring cost-effective and on-time shipping to every major market in the continental United States.

With regional sales offices and a national sales force serving every major market, we’ve built a nationwide distribution model that allows us to provide best-in-class products, top-rated customer service & support, and – by leveraging location-based raw materials advantages – some of the most competitive pricing on the market.

4. Your Concrete Solution

From commercial and industrial concrete applications to repair and restoration projects; from DOT and infrastructure projects to decorative sealers for residential applications, SpecChem has concrete covered.

Give us a call, or drop us a note – we’ll gladly answer any questions you have regarding your concrete needs, and will put you in touch with a local sales manager in your area. With nationwide distribution and a dedicated sales and support team, along with a comprehensive suite of innovative, best-in-class products, SpecChem is truly the number one solution to your concrete needs.