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Intrafilm is a finishing aid specifically formulated to work with Portland Limestone or Type 1L cements to improve overall concrete performance. This troweling aid is designed for efficient concrete finishing. Utilizing colloidal silica, it facilitates easier and faster finishing while improving the concrete’s durability, and compressive strength, and reduces permeability.c


Data Sheets:


Surface Coverage based on RTU formula

Many factors including surface texture, porosity, and weather conditions will determine actual coverage rates.



Primary uses

Finishing Aid

Designed for areas with high evaporation rate conditions due to factors such as high temperatures, wind, direct sun, or low humidity.

Hardener & Densifier

Creates a denser, less-permeable concrete surface that is more resistant to liquid penetration.

Type 1L Cements

Facilitates easier finishing with silica fume, Portland Limestone or Type 1L cement and air-entrained concrete mixes.

Concrete Curing

Retains moisture in the slab during curing and reduces water vapor transmission.


Decreases potential for alkali silica reaction. Ideal for all colored and decorative concrete applications.

Curling Reduction

Reduces the potential for slab curling.



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