Berry Clean

Raspberry scented solvent/cleaner/degreaser


Berry Clean will effectively remove grease, grime, many types of carpet/tile cutback adhesives, and other contaminants from architectural concrete and other surfaces – will also remove acrylic and resin concrete curing compounds from concrete surfaces.

Berry Clean can be diluted in water to offer added versatility and can eliminate the need to stock multiple cleaners.

Berry Clean is VOC-compliant (less than 25 grams/liter) – standard harsh cleaners and degreasers are high in VOCs and restricted from use in many parts of the country.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost-effective
  • Meets stringent VOC for SCAQMD/OTC/CA/VA (with less than 25 grams/liter)
  • Pleasant raspberry scent
  • Removes residual acrylic & resin curing compounds
  • Complies with all national VOC Regulations
  • Water dispersible for easy clean-up and versatility

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