Berry Clean

Raspberry scented solvent/cleaner/degreaser

Berry Clean is an effective, cost-efficient, and naturally raspberry-scented cleaner and degreaser concentrate. It is designed to remove grease, grime, various types of carpet and tile adhesives, and other contaminants from architectural concrete and other surfaces. Berry Clean also efficiently eliminates acrylic and resin concrete curing compounds from concrete surfaces.

  • Compliant with stringent national VOC regulations, including SCAQMD/OTC/CA/VA (VOC less than 25 grams per liter).
  • Water dispersible for easy cleanup and added versatility.
  • Effectively removes residual acrylic and resin curing compounds.
  • Offers a pleasant raspberry scent.

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To use Berry Clean, first scrape off any excess accumulations of grease, grime, and contaminants. Apply the product directly to the floor or stain either as a concentrate or diluted as recommended. Spread it uniformly across the surface and let it penetrate for 1-2 minutes, allowing its unique blend of emulsifiers and wetting agents to achieve maximum penetration and cleaning efficacy. For tough jobs, use Berry Clean undiluted; for lighter cleaning tasks, dilute it with equal parts water. After application, scrub the area with a stiff plastic broom or a power floor scrubber. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Note that removing acrylic curing/sealing compounds may require more intensive treatment.


Available in 55-gallon steel drums, 5-gallon steel pails, and 1-gallon steel cans (6 per case).

Shelf Life

Berry Clean has a shelf life of five years from the date of manufacture when stored in the original, tightly sealed containers. Avoid contamination by keeping containers free of water, dirt, or other impurities.