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Clean Lift 20/20

Premium reactive water-based tilt-up cure/bond breaker

Clean Lift 20/20 is a premium, chemically reactive, water-based solution designed for tilt-up construction projects. It acts as both a cure and bond breaker, ensuring smooth panel lifting without stains or damage, while complying with ASTM C309 for moisture retention. This eco-friendly product is free from diesel, kerosene, waxes, and silicones, and is VOC compliant with less than 350g/l emissions.

  • VOC-compliant < 350 g/l
  • Resists foot traffic abrasion
  • Easily identifiable on the casting slab
  • Clean panels lift easier, no resin stains

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For New Concrete:

  • Mix well before use. Apply undiluted.
  • Apply after final troweling and when surface water has evaporated.
  • Ensure full coverage on steel-troweled concrete at 250-350 sq ft per gallon.

As a Bond Breaker:

  • Apply on a well-cured, smooth, and clean slab.
  • Remove all contaminants before application.
  • Spray apply the first coat at 400 sq ft per gallon. After drying, apply a second coat at 500-700 sq ft per gallon at right angles to the first.
  • Ensure complete and uniform coverage. Reapply if necessary for even coverage.

For Old or Water-Cured Concrete:

  • Ensure slab is clean and free of curing compounds.
  • Saturate with clean water, remove excess, then apply Clean Lift 20/20 to rejection. Apply a second coat as above.
  • Ensure the treated surface feels dry and soap-like before pouring concrete.

Before Pouring Concrete:

  • The treated surface should have a dry, soap-like feel.
  • Test with water droplets; they should bead up.
  • Flood the slab with water prior to concrete pouring to avoid surface scouring.

Special Considerations

  • Reapply if exposed to rain before drying.
  • Use a low-pressure sprayer for application.
  • Contact SpecChem for advice on concrete mixes containing pozzolans or for special situations.

Hot Weather Tips

  • Apply cure coat immediately after finishing, before joint cutting.
  • Saturate the casting slab before bond breaker application to fill porosity.
  • Ensure uniform, adequate coverage to prevent water migration and surface defects.


Available in 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails.

Shelf Life

Properly stored, the product has a shelf life of 1 year from manufacture.


  • Clean tools and equipment with water before the bond breaker dries.
  • For dried product, use SpecChem Orange Peel or similar solvent.