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Concrete Glue

Re-emulsifiable bonding agent


Concrete Glue is a ready-to-use, rewettable polyvinyl acetate (PVA) emulsion admixture, and bonding agent which bonds new concrete, underlayments, masonry, stucco, terrazzo, and Portland cement/sand mixes to horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces.

Concrete Glue is recommended for interior and/or exterior use not subjected to constant moisture, hydrostatic pressure, or continuous water saturation.

Concrete Glue’s actual VOC Content = 0 grams/lite

Features & Benefits

  • Re-emulsifiable/rewettable; VOC-compliant
  • Admixture drastically increases durability, adhesion, and curing of cement-based mortars and stucco
  • Excellent bonding agent/superior adhesive strength
  • Can be used when there is a delay between primer application and subsequent topping or underlayment

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