Crystal Rez

Clear resin water-based emulsion curing compound


Crystal Rez is a clear, dissipating resin water-based emulsion curing compound for use on freshly finished horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces.

Crystal Rez is formulated to provide an effective curing membrane that will dry to a clear (non-yellowing) membrane.

Crystal Rez will provide a more cost-effective alternative to cure & seals without the unsightly yellow/amber appearance of other dissipating resins.

Crystal Rez may contribute to LEED credits.

Features & Benefits

  • Helps minimize dusting
  • No unsightly yellow/amber residue
  • Ensures proper curing, resulting in stronger, more wear-resistant concrete
  • Dries to a clear membrane
  • Once the cure membrane dissipates or has been removed, the substrate is compatible with most paints, sealers, coating, and floor covering adhesives

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