Crystal Rez

Clear resin water-based emulsion curing compound

CRYSTAL REZ is a clear, dissipating resin-based water emulsion curing compound designed for freshly finished horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces. This product offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional cure & seals, providing a clear, non-yellowing membrane which may also contribute to LEED credits.

  • Dries to a clear membrane without unsightly yellow or amber residues
  • Promotes effective curing, enhancing the concrete’s strength and wear resistance
  • Reduces surface dusting
  • Compatible with SpecChem Tilt-up Bondbreakers
  • Prepares the substrate for subsequent application of paints, sealers, coatings, and floor covering adhesives once the curing membrane dissipates or is removed

Tech Sheet
Safety Sheet


Thoroughly agitate before use. Use clean application equipment free from foreign materials. Preferred application method is by spray. Apply at temperatures above 40°F. Areas destined for caulking should be masked to avoid excess application. Do not allow the product to pond or puddle. Coverage rates may vary based on concrete texture and porosity:

  • 100-500 sq. ft/gal immediately after final trowel or form stripping
  • 250-350 sq. ft/gal for use as a casting bed cure in tilt-up operations


Available in 5-gallon pails (18.9 L) and 55-gallon drums (208.2 L).

Shelf Life

Store in the original, tightly sealed container in a dry area for up to 1 year from the manufacture date. Avoid water accumulation, dirt, or other contaminants. Keep from freezing.


  • Meets ASTM C309, Types 1 and 1D, Class A & B
  • Complies with AASHTO M148, Type 1, Class A & B
  • VOC content compliant for Concrete Curing Compounds at 98 g/l