Crystal Shine Matte

Matte finish protective exterior sealer

Crystal Shine Matte is a lacquer sealer designed for both interior and exterior applications. It enhances the natural beauty and luster of exposed aggregate and other decorative concrete surfaces by providing a subtle, satin matte finish. This product is particularly suitable for stained concrete, exposed aggregate slabs, walkways, swimming pool decks, and walls. Formulated with a unique solvent blend, Crystal Shine Matte offers fast-drying, solvent-based performance while complying with VOC regulations in OTC/LADCO/MRPO and SCAQMD areas.

  • Provides a crystal-clear protective membrane that improves durability and dust-proofs concrete surfaces.
  • Offers a satin matte finish for aesthetic enhancement and easier maintenance.
  • Resistant to yellowing under ultraviolet light and does not blush in damp conditions.

Tech Sheet
Safety Sheet


Surface Preparation The concrete surface should be clean and free of standing water, sealer, or other materials that could hinder adhesion. Ensure the surface is prepared properly before application.

For Fresh Concrete

  • Apply uniformly by spraying between 250-350 sq ft per gallon. Although spraying is recommended for best results, roller application is possible using a short-napped, solvent-resistant sleeve—care should be taken to avoid air entrapment.
  • For an extra high gloss or on especially porous surfaces, a second thin coat may be applied at 400 sq-ft per gallon after 1-3 hours, or once the surface is dry to the touch.

For Existing Concrete

  • Surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before application. Pressure washing with a strong alkaline detergent is advised to remove dirt, waxes, and oils. Worn or porous areas might require a second coat for uniform sealing and appearance.
  • Apply multiple thin coats (300 – 400 sq ft per gallon) rather than a single heavy one to achieve a harder, more durable finish. Dry times vary with temperature and humidity.


Available in 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pails, and 1-gallon cans (sold in cases of 4).

Shelf Life

Up to 2 years from the date of manufacture when stored in the original tightly closed containers. Avoid contamination with water, dirt, or other substances.


Meets Federal AIM rule VOC requirements with a VOC content of less than 100 g/l.