Cure & Seal 25 EX

25% solids, low VOC, solvent-based cure & seal

Cure & Seal 25 EX is a VOC-compliant, non-yellowing acrylic polymer specifically formulated to cure, seal, harden, and dustproof both new and aged concrete surfaces, enhancing their wearability and durability. It also improves concrete’s resistance to de-icing salts. Its unique solvent blend allows for fast-drying performance along with compliance in OTC/LADCO/MRPO regions, ensuring environmental safety.

  • Fast-drying
  • Non-yellowing

Tech Sheet
Safety Sheet


Apply Cure & Seal 25 EX only to surfaces that are not hot or directly exposed to sunlight to avoid improper film formation, bubbling, peeling, or blushing. For best results, maintain high pressure in pump-up sprayers and keep the spray tip close to the surface, within 12 inches.

Specific Applications:

  • New Concrete: Apply Cure & Seal 25 EX once the surface water has dissipated and without marring the surface, followed by a second coat for enhanced finish and protection at 400 sq ft/gal.
  • Existing Concrete: Surfaces must be clean, dry or damp, and free of stains, oils, grease, dirt, and incompatible coatings. Cure & Seal 25 EX revitalizes concrete, brick, or terrazzo floors, making them brighter and easier to maintain.


Available in 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails.

Shelf Life

Two-year shelf life in original, tightly closed containers. Avoid contamination.


  • Coverage varies by application, generally between:
    • Curing: 300-400 sq ft/gal
    • Dustproofing and Sealing: 400-600 sq ft/gal
    • Aged Concrete: 400-600 sq ft/gal
  • For dustproofing and sealing, apply two coats at 500 sq ft/gal. Coverage rates may double on rough or broom-finished surfaces, depending on concrete porosity and condition.


VOC content is under 350g/l, complying with Federal AIM rule VOC requirements and standards in OTC/LADCO/MRPO regions. Meets ASTM C1315 Class A and ASTM C309, Type 1, Classes A&B.