Cure & Seal EX

Economical, low VOC, solvent-based cure & seal


Cure & Seal EX is a VOC-compliant non-yellowing, acrylic polymer engineered to cure, seal, harden, and dustproof freshly placed concrete and improve the wearability and durability of aged concrete surfaces.

Cure & Seal EX is formulated with a unique solvent blend allowing fast-drying, solvent-base performance along with VOC compliance in the OTC/LADCO/MRPO regions and Canada.

Features & Benefits

  • USDA Accepted
  • Renovates existing concrete, brick, or terrazzo floors
  • Seals and dustproofs
  • Dries much faster than standard solvent-based products
  • Makes it easier to clean and maintain surfaces
  • Compatible with most carpets, tile, and floor covering adhesives
  • Low VOC formula; OTC, LADCO, MRPO compliant

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