Cure Shield

One step, low VOC cure & seal containing silane

Cure Shield is a solvent-based blend of silane and pure acrylic copolymers designed to cure, seal, harden, and dustproof freshly placed concrete while providing additional protection to existing concrete surfaces. It offers a non-yellowing, clear film that effectively cures and protects concrete, enhancing its resistance to spalling and deterioration caused by de-icing salts. Cure Shield is unique in its ability to be applied to fresh concrete and meets ASTM C309 and 1315 curing standards.

  • Cleans and brightens floors
  • Can be recoated at any time without stripping the prior application
  • Reduces maintenance and clean-up costs
  • Provides a tough glossy film that is resistant to abrasion and common staining materials
  • Can be recoated prior to occupancy for a glossy final finish
  • Prevents the adhesion of cementitious droppings and the penetration of most oils and greases

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  • New Concrete: Should be applied as soon as the surface water has disappeared and the concrete can be worked on without being marred. Apply in a uniform coat, avoiding puddles.
  • Existing Concrete: The surface must be clean, dry, or slightly damp and free from stains, oil, grease, dirt, and other contaminants to ensure proper adhesion and penetration.
  • Coverage:
    • Curing Fresh Concrete: 200 – 250 sq ft/gal.
    • Existing Concrete: 200 – 300 sq ft/gal.
    • Increase coverage rate on broom or rough-finished concrete to account for greater surface area.


Available in 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails.

Shelf Life

Two years from the date of manufacture when stored in the original tightly closed containers. Keep free from water, dirt, or other contaminants.


  • Meets ASTM C309/1315, Type 1, Class A curing standards.
  • Complies with VOC emission requirements (EPA limit < 700 g/L).