Non-corrosive accelerating admixture


K-Set is a non-corrosive accelerating admixture that contains no calcium chloride. It accelerates the hydration of cement resulting in shorter setting times and high early strength.

K-Set provides improved workability, helps prevent segregation, and is a substantial aid in early stiffening for mortar and stucco mixes – an aqueous solution of organic and inorganic compounds that produces a rapid heat development of the mortar that protects it from freezing during its early life at low temperatures.

K-Set is specifically formulated for use in cold weather or wherever it is desirable to reduce the setting time, increase early strength and improve mortar workability. Use K-Set to prevent the corrosive effect of calcium chloride admixtures.

Features & Benefits

  • VOC-compliant
  • Speeds setting times one to three hours
  • Produces high early strength
  • Helps protect against freezing by accelerating early strength
  • Increases protection for reinforcing
  • Improves production time by improving workability and reducing set time

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