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Polymer-modified concrete repair/resurfacing mortar

OverCrete is a versatile, one-component, polymer-modified concrete repair and resurfacing mortar designed for both smoothing and restoring concrete surfaces. It is engineered to provide outstanding durability across a wide range of interior and exterior concrete applications, accommodating both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. OverCrete is available in two formulations: OverCrete Fine, which incorporates fine sands for a smooth finish on repairs from a feather edge to 1/2 inch, and OverCrete Coarse, formulated with fine/coarse sands for a broom finish on repairs from 1/8 inch to 1.5 inches.

  • One-component system, simply requiring water to activate.
  • Tailored for both fine and coarse applications, ensuring versatility across repair types.
  • Air-entrained formulation enhances freeze-thaw durability.
  • Natural concrete-gray color for seamless integration with existing concrete.
  • Suitable for application in a wide range of settings, from horizontal to vertical surfaces.
  • Optimized for pedestrian traffic areas, achieving rapid curing times.

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Surface Preparation: Ensure the concrete is in good condition and free of oil, grease, dust, and other contaminants. High-pressure water blasting is recommended to achieve an open, rough surface profile (CSP 2-3). The surface should be misted to a saturated-surface-dry (SSD) state without standing water before application.

Mixing: Use hand or low-speed drill mixing, adding water to the container before slowly introducing the OverCrete powder. Water ratios range from 5.25 to 5.75 pints per 40 LB bag, depending on the desired consistency. Mixing should not exceed 3 minutes to avoid overwatering or retempering.

Placement: Apply OverCrete using a trowel, broom, or squeegee, ensuring the material fills all voids and cracks. For deeper applications, apply in layers with sufficient drying time between each.

Curing: OverCrete achieves final cure within twenty-four hours. It is crucial to protect the area from rain or excessive water during this period.

Deep Applications: For repairs exceeding 1.5 inches with OverCrete Coarse, it can be extended with up to 50% clean, SSD 3/8 inch aggregate by weight for enhanced volume and stability.


Available in 40 lb pails or bags, with pallet configurations as specified.

Shelf Life

OverCrete has a shelf life of 12 months when stored properly in a cool, dry location. Be mindful of temperature and humidity conditions to preserve product integrity.


Coverage rates vary by application thickness and substrate texture.

Test Data

  • Sets within 90 minutes at 70°F.
  • Work time of 25-30 minutes at 70°F.
  • Compressive strength progresses from 1700 psi at 6 hours to 5000 psi at 28 days.
  • Bond strength reaches 1800 psi in 7 days and 2150 psi in 28 days.