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Pave Cure CW W/Dye TX Type I Green Conscious Product

Clear, high-solids, wax based concrete curing compound

PaveCure CW W/Dye – TX Type I is a high-solids, water-based, clear wax concrete curing compound designed to form a continuous membrane that controls curing for strong and durable concrete. This product meets the maximum VOC content limits of 350 g/L as specified by the U.S. EPA Architectural Coatings Rule and is ideal for exterior, horizontal surfaces such as highways, airports, and street paving.

  • Moisture Retention: Effectively retains moisture to reduce plastic shrinkage cracks, enhancing the long-term durability of concrete.
  • Increased Performance: Boosts compressive strength and wear resistance of concrete surfaces.
  • Ease of Application: Ready to use without dilution and can be applied easily with a manual or power sprayer.
  • Environmental Compliance: VOC compliant, meeting strict environmental standards.
  • Versatility: Available in clear and clear with dye options to suit different project requirements.

Tech Sheet
Safety Sheet


  • Surface Preparation: Ensure the concrete surface is clean and free from water as soon as the sheen disappears and before it can be marred by foot traffic.
  • Application Method: Apply uniformly to avoid puddles with a coverage rate of 200 sq ft per gallon.
  • Drying Time: Allows for rapid curing with concrete ready for use shortly after application under proper environmental conditions.


  • Available in 275-gallon totes, 55-gallon drums, and 5-gallon pails.

Shelf Life

  • Storage Conditions: Store in original tightly closed containers to avoid contamination. Avoid extreme heat and do not allow to freeze.
  • Shelf Life: One year from the date of manufacture when stored properly.


  • ASTM Standards: Meets ASTM C-309, Type I, Class A and AASHTO M-148, Type I, Class A.
  • Moisture Loss: Complies with ASTM C156, achieving moisture retention within required limits to ensure effective curing.


  • Immediately clean tools and equipment with water after use. For more stubborn residues, use SpecChem Solvent 100 or a suitable cleaning solvent.