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Pave Cure Rez White

High-solids white pigmented water-emulsified, resin-based concrete curing compound


Pave Cure Rez White forms a continuous membrane that controls curing for strong and durable concrete when properly applied. The white pigment reflects the sun’s rays to help keep the concrete surface cooler and to prevent excessive heat buildup.

Pave Cure Rez White meets maximum VOC content limits of 350 g/L for concrete curing compounds as required by the U.S. EPA Architectural Coatings Rule.

Pave Cure Rez White is ideal for application on exterior, horizontal surfaces such as highways, airports, streets, and curb paving applications when proper curing is required.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to spray
  • Provides positive curing for exterior concrete where wax-based cures are unacceptable
  • High reflectivity
  • Enhances performance; increases compressive strength and wear resistance
  • VOC-compliant < 350g/l
  • Reduces shrinkage; retains moisture to reduce “plastic shrinkage cracks”
  • Improves durability; proper curing will increase the long life of concrete

Product Comparison


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