Pave Cure Rez

High-solids water-emulsified, resin-based concrete curing compound

Pave Cure Rez Clear is a high-solids, water-emulsified, resin-based concrete curing compound that forms a continuous membrane to control curing, ensuring strong and durable concrete. This product is designed to dissipate over time, influenced by climatic conditions and UV exposure, and is ideal for both vertical and horizontal exterior surfaces such as highways, airports, and paving applications.

  • Moisture Retention: Effectively retains moisture to reduce plastic shrinkage cracks, enhancing the long-term durability of concrete.
  • Increased Performance: Improves compressive strength and wear resistance, essential for heavy-duty applications.
  • UV Dissipation: Specifically formulated to dissipate when exposed to weathering and UV light, eliminating the need for mechanical removal.
  • Environmental Compliance: VOC compliant with a limit of less than 350 g/L, meeting U.S. EPA Architectural Coatings Rule requirements.
  • Visibility: Initially white when applied, dries clear to ensure complete coverage without altering the appearance of concrete.

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  • Surface Preparation: Apply to clean, dry surfaces where no water is present and the concrete will not be marred by application activities.
  • Application Method: Use manual sprayer, power sprayer, or paving train for application, ensuring a uniform coat without puddles at a rate of 200-300 sq ft per gallon.
  • Curing Time: The curing compound begins to dissipate after 4-6 weeks, depending on environmental conditions.


  • Available in 275-gallon totes, 55-gallon drums, and 5-gallon pails.

Shelf Life

  • Store in original tightly closed containers in a location protected from extreme heat and freezing. Shelf life is one year from the date of manufacture.


  • Compliance: Meets ASTM C309, Type I, Class A & B and AASHTO M148, Type I, Class A & B.
  • Moisture Loss: Demonstrates superior moisture retention with values well below the maximum requirements.


  • Clean tools and equipment with water immediately after use. For tougher residues, use SpecChem Solvent 100 or an appropriate cleaning solvent.