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Quartz Floor Hardener

Non-metallic quartz dry-shake floor hardener

Quartz Floor Hardener is a blend of finely graded non-metallic quartz aggregates, plasticizers, and cement binders. It’s a cost-effective solution for hardening concrete floors, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Properly timed during the concrete’s setting phase, it integrates into the floor, enhancing its resistance to abrasion.

Available Colors: Natural Gray, Light Reflective, Tile Red, French Gray, Battleship Gray, Nile Green.

  • Enhances impact and abrasion resistance up to four times compared to plain concrete.
  • Creates a dense surface that minimizes liquid penetration and simplifies cleaning and maintenance.
  • Reduces surface dust.
  • Suitable for both exterior and interior applications.
  • Offers non-fading, non-rusting colors.

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  • For optimal results, refer to the American Concrete Institute Standard 302 for floor and slab construction guidelines.
  • Ideally, work under a roof. Factors like low humidity, wind, and sunlight that accelerate surface drying also influence hardener application timing. Use a mechanical spreader for even distribution over fresh concrete.
  • Before application, ensure concrete is at grade level and smoothly compacted using a wooden bull float.
  • If conditions promote rapid drying, apply SpecFilm post bull floating to mitigate quick surface water loss.

Application Tips:

  • Application timing should consider concrete slump, job site conditions, and hardener coverage. The perimeter sets faster than the center—start application at the edges.
  • After concrete placement, allow the first two-thirds of hardener to absorb moisture before a final float. Follow up immediately with the remaining one-third and complete the floating process.
  • Maintain a flat trowel during edge work to avoid blistering. Re-trowel with lowered blades if necessary.
  • Do not add water to aid finishing; it weakens the surface. A hard troweled finish is ideal.

Curing: After the final float, apply an approved SpecChem ASTM C309 compliant curing compound.


Packaged in 50 lb triple-lined bags.

Shelf Life

Shelf life of 12 months when stored in dry conditions away from direct sunlight.


0.5 to 1.5 pounds per square foot. (For colored hardeners, a minimum of 1.5 pounds per square foot is recommended.)

Test Data

  • Compressive Strength (ASTM C109): 5,500 psi at 1 day, 9,500 psi at 2 days, 12,000 psi at 28 days.
  • Relative Abrasion Resistance (ASTM C779): 0.01 inches at 30 minutes, 0.03 inches at 60 minutes after 28 days.


U.S.D.A approved for use in facilities where incidental contact with food is possible. Meets standards ACI 302, ACI 305, and ACI 306.