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RepCon 928

Polymer-modified rapid-setting concrete repair mortar with corrosion inhibitor



RepCon 928 is a single-component, polymer-modified fiber-reinforced, rapid-setting concrete repair mortar with corrosion inhibitor for use on concrete floors, highway pavements, bridge decks, and other applications requiring early resumption of traffic or use.

RepCon 928 is formulated to meet the requirements of ASTM C928 Packaged, Dry, Rapid Hardening Cementitious Material for Concrete Repair and AASHTO T260.

RepCon 928 incorporates the latest in polymer technology offering superior durability, performance, and ease of application without liquid activators for horizontal and vertical form & pour applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural concrete-gray color
  • Long work time for hot weather applications (available in fast-set version RepCon? 928 FS)
  • Takes foot traffic in 1 hour after setting
  • One component, dry polymer-modified — just add water
  • Fiber-reinforced for added flexural strength
  • Suitable for horizontal and formed vertical application
  • Air entrained for excellent freeze-thaw durability

Product Comparison

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Five Star Structural Concrete

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