RepCon H

Single-component polymer-modified concrete repair mortar with corrosion inhibitor



RepCon H is a single-component, polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced, concrete repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor for use in a variety of screed or trowel-down horizontal repair applications.

RepCon H incorporates the latest in polymer technology offering superior durability, performance, and ease of application in industrial, commercial, and infrastructure applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Natural concrete-gray color
  • Can be used for a variety of horizontal concrete repairs and overlays
  • Fiber-reinforced for added strength
  • Dry polymer technology for excellent freeze-thaw durability
  • Contains integral corrosion inhibitor
  • One-component, dry polymer-modified – just add water
  • Easy-to-apply flowable/pumpable consistency

Product Comparison

Concrete Top Supreme

MasterEmaco R310 CL, Emaco 566

Sika Set Mortar

Futura 15



US Spec H2

Conproco Conpro Set, Quick Shot

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