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RepCon V/O

Single component polymer-modified concrete repair mortar with corrosion inhibitor

RepCon V/O is a high-performance, single-component, polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced concrete repair mortar, enhanced with an integral corrosion inhibitor. Designed for versatility, it’s suitable for horizontal, vertical, and overhead applications. Utilizing advanced polymer technology, RepCon V/O provides exceptional durability and ease of use in industrial, commercial, and infrastructure (DOT) settings.

  • Simple one-component system, just add water.
  • Employs dry polymer technology for superior freeze-thaw durability.
  • Can be hand-applied or spray-applied, accommodating large projects.
  • Offers an easy-to-apply consistency for up to 2-inch thick applications.
  • Cures to a concrete-gray color.
  • Specifically formulated for vertical and overhead repairs.
  • Fiber-reinforced to enhance strength.
  • Contains an integral corrosion inhibitor to protect rebar and extend the life of the repair.

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Surface Preparation: Ensure the concrete is structurally sound, removing all foreign materials such as oil, grease, and dust. Saw cut the repair perimeter 1/8” deeper than the repair area for a notched edge. Abrade the surface to a minimum CSP 5, ensuring it’s saturated-surface-damp (SSD) with no standing water.

Priming/Scrub Coat: Remove rust from steel reinforcement and apply SpecPrep SB. Prime the SSD concrete with SpecPrep SB, applying the mortar wet on wet within the open time.

Mixing: Combine 6.25 – 6.75 pints of clean water per 50-pound bag, adjusting based on the desired consistency. Mix with a low-speed drill for 2 to 3 minutes, preparing only the amount that can be used within the product’s pot life.

Placement: Apply RepCon V/O firmly, ensuring full contact with the bonding surface. Shape the mortar after initial set but while still workable.

Finishing/Curing: Match the texture of the surrounding concrete. RepCon V/O is self-curing in most conditions, with a water-based curing compound recommended in dry environments.

Shelf Life

Unopened packages can be stored for up to 12 months in dry conditions. Store away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry location.

Test Data

  • Sets in 50 minutes initially and achieves final set in 90 minutes at 70°F, per ASTM C266.
  • Exhibits compressive strength of 3650 psi after 1 day, reaching 7450 psi by 28 days.
  • Demonstrates excellent bond strength with 2185 psi at 7 days as per ASTM C882.
  • Provides flexural strength of 650 psi in 7 days, increasing to 1210 psi in 28 days.
  • Shows minimal length change, indicating stability under both wet and air curing conditions.
  • Offers outstanding freeze-thaw resistance with a Relative Durability Factor of 95.7 at 28 days.
  • Features low rapid chloride permeability at 890 coulombs in 28 days, enhancing resistance to chloride ion penetration.
  • The modulus of elasticity is 4.8 x 10^6 psi, indicating high resistance to deformation under load.