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SC Precision Grout HS Green Conscious Product

High performance/high-strength grout

SC Precision Grout HS is a high-performance, non-metallic, cementitious grout that achieves high early and ultimate compressive strength. It is specifically designed for high strength precision grouting applications including compressors, heavy equipment foundations, and tank bases. This grout mixes into a flowable, pumpable consistency and provides effective load bearing.

  • High Compressive Strength: Achieves high early and long-term strength for demanding applications.
  • Non-Shrink/Non-Corrosive: Ensures structural integrity and longevity without damaging reinforcement.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for both interior and exterior environments exposed to heavy loads or vibrations.
  • Excellent Freeze/Thaw Resistance: Ensures durability under varying temperatures.
  • Extended Use: Can be bulked up with pea gravel for deeper applications.
  • Compliant with Standards: Meets ASTM C1107, Grades A, B, & C, and CRD C-621 Grades A, B, & C.

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  • Ensure all surfaces are clean, and free from oil, rust, and debris to ensure optimal bonding. The concrete surface should be roughened and saturated surface dry (SSD). All materials and surfaces in contact with the grout should be conditioned between 50°-80°F for optimal performance.


  • Mix in small or large quantities as needed, but do not exceed the water limit of 5.75 pints per 50 lb bag. Use a heavy-duty drill/mixer for smaller batches or a mortar mixer for larger or continuous pours. Mix water and grout incrementally to reach the desired consistency.


  • Place the grout continuously and quickly from one side to avoid air entrapment and ensure complete filling and contact with the base plate. Maintain a minimum of 1-inch vertical clearance.


  • Immediately cover the grout with clean, wet rags and keep it moist until final set. Follow with an application of an ASTM C309 compliant curing compound to ensure optimal curing.

Special Conditions

  • Temperature Management: Manage the mixing and curing environment effectively, especially under extreme weather conditions. Use heating or cooling as necessary to maintain the grout within the specified temperature range.


  • Available in 50 lb bags, yielding approximately 0.42 cubic feet in a fluid condition. It can be extended with pea stone for larger volume needs.

Shelf Life

  • Store SC Precision Grout HS in a cool, dry interior area. The product has a shelf life of one year when stored properly in its original, tightly closed container.

Test Data

  • Compressive Strength: Up to 15,560 psi at 28 days.
  • Expansion Rate: Maintains a controlled positive expansion of up to 0.09%.
  • Setting Time: Initial set at 150 minutes, with final set at 180 minutes.