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SpecPatch 5 Green Conscious Product

Fast-setting polymer-modified concrete repair material

SpecPatch 5 is a versatile, polymer-modified concrete repair mortar designed for the durable restoration of floors, walls, precast elements, tilt-up, and masonry surfaces. It is applicable in both interior and exterior settings, capable of horizontal, vertical, and overhead repairs with no slump consistency. It excels as a repair solution for concrete pipes, curbs, sidewalks, and both formed and precast concrete.

  • Can be shaped
  • 5 minute set time for quick turn around
  • Can be feather-edged
  • Excellent durability and adhesion
  • Lifts up to 1″ in thickness
  • Dries to the color of concrete

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Surface Preparation: Ensure the concrete is solid and clear of all foreign substances like oil, grease, dust, and any surface contaminants. For enhanced durability, create a notched, reinforced edge around the repair area by saw-cutting 1/8” deeper than the repair depth. The concrete surface must be roughened up to a minimum Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) of 5, following the ICRI 310.2 Guideline. Before repairs, the concrete should be damp but not wet, with no standing water present.

Priming/Scrub Coat: Clean all exposed steel reinforcement of rust and apply SpecPrep SB for coating. The prepared concrete surface must be damp and primed with SpecPrep SB, applying the repair mortar while the primer is still wet or within its open time. Alternatively, a thin layer of the mixed repair mortar can be scrubbed into the damp substrate to enhance bonding.

Mixing Instructions: Mix 6.75 – 7.25 pints of water per 50-pound bag of SpecPatch 5, adjusting the water volume for the desired consistency. Use a low-speed drill for mixing, adding water first followed by SpecPatch 5, and mix thoroughly for 2-3 minutes. Only prepare what can be used within the material’s setting time. For increased durability, especially in thin, horizontal applications subject to wear, mixing with SpecChem StrongBond Acrylic Bonder is recommended.

Application: Apply SpecPatch 5 firmly, ensuring full contact with the bonding surface, and shape as needed. For optimal results, apply in layers up to 1” thick, roughening the surface between layers to enhance the bond.

Finishing/Curing: Texture the final layer to blend with the surrounding concrete. SpecPatch 5 typically self-cures under normal conditions. In dry climates, a water-based curing compound compliant with ASTM C309 should be used.

Shelf Life

Unopened bags have a shelf life of 12 months when stored in a dry area. Avoid exposure to excessive heat, humidity, and sunlight.

Test Data

Technical Specifications:

  • Initial set in 5 minutes, with a final set in 8 minutes at 70°F, according to ASTM C266.
  • Compressive strength reaches 1500 psi in 3 hours, with a maximum of 6000 psi over 28 days.
  • Minimal shrinkage and excellent freeze-thaw durability, with no scaling after 25 cycles.
  • Slant shear bond strength of 1680 psi after 7 days and a flexural strength of 650 psi at 28 days.


Clean tools and equipment with water before SpecPatch 5 sets.