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SpecPatch Light

Light gray colored/fast-setting concrete repair material

SpecPatch Light is a polymer-modified concrete repair mortar distinguished by its light gray color, designed for fixing concrete floors, walls, precast structures, tilt-up, and masonry surfaces. This product suits both horizontal and vertical repairs, ideal for interior and exterior applications, and is known for its durable repairs that can be precisely shaped by shaving or sanding.

  • Can be shaped
  • Dries lighter gray than regular SpecPatch 15
  • Can be feather-edged
  • Designed for interior & exterior repairs
  • Lifts up to 1″ in thickness
  • Excellent durability and adhesion

Tech Sheet
Safety Sheet


Applications Include:

  • Interior and exterior use
  • Vertical, overhead, and horizontal repairs
  • Repairing concrete pipes, curbs, sidewalks, and both formed and precast concrete

Surface Preparation: Ensure the concrete is robust and devoid of foreign substances, including oil, grease, dust, and other contaminants. For enhanced durability, create a notched, reinforced edge around the repair area by saw-cutting 1/8” deeper than the intended repair depth. The surface must be roughened according to the ICRI 310.2 Guideline to a CSP of at least 5 and kept damp without any standing water.

Priming/Scrub Coat: Remove rust from exposed steel reinforcement and coat with SpecPrep SB. The concrete should be damp (SSD) and primed with SpecPrep SB before applying the mortar wet on wet or within the specified open time. Alternatively, a scrub coat of the mixed mortar can be applied to the damp substrate to ensure a strong bond.

Mixing Instructions: Combine 6.75 – 7.25 pints of clean water with each 50-pound bag of SpecPatch Light, adjusting for desired consistency. Use a low-speed drill for mixing, starting with water then adding the mortar, mixing for 2-3 minutes. Only mix what can be used within the product’s setting time. For enhanced durability and resistance, particularly in areas subject to heavy wear, it is recommended to mix with SpecChem StrongBond Acrylic Bonder either neat or diluted.

Application: Apply SpecPatch Light firmly, ensuring it bonds well with the surface. Overfill slightly, then shape the mortar to the desired contour after initial set but while the surface is still workable. Apply in layers up to 1” thick, roughening between layers to improve adhesion.

Finishing/Curing: Texture the repair to blend with the surrounding concrete. SpecPatch Light generally self-cures, though a water-based curing compound compliant with ASTM C309 may be used in dry conditions.

Shelf Life

Unopened bags last up to 12 months in dry storage. Store away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.


Technical Specifications:

  • Sets within 15-60 minutes at 70°F as per ASTM C266.
  • Achieves compressive strength from 950 psi in 3 hours up to 6000 psi over 28 days.
  • Exhibits minimal shrinkage and excellent freeze-thaw resistance, with no scaling after 25 cycles.
  • Provides a slant shear bond strength of 1680 psi after 7 days and flexural strength of 650 psi at 28 days.