SpecPlate Hardener

Metallic dry-shake floor hardener

SpecPlate Hardener is a meticulously blended mixture of metallic aggregates, plasticizers, and cement binders. It is designed to significantly enhance abrasion resistance, impact tolerance, and point loading durability in interior concrete floors, particularly in areas prone to frequent moisture and water exposure. SpecPlate Hardener can also be utilized to construct iron-armored joints, and is available in a natural concrete color.

  • Creates a high-strength, durable wearing surface.
  • Increases the concrete’s resistance to impact and abrasion by up to eight times compared to plain concrete.
  • Forms a high-density surface that effectively resists liquid penetration, making it easier to maintain and clean.
  • Offers resistance to dusting, spalling, and deterioration from abrasion.

Tech Sheet
Safety Sheet


Application Instructions:

  • Adhere to the American Concrete Institute Standard 302 for general guidelines on floor and slab construction.
  • Ensure all application work is conducted under a roof, if possible. Conditions that influence drying and setting times will affect the hardener application times.
  • Calculate the necessary quantity based on the area coverage rate. Prepare the concrete to a finished grade level and compact using a wooden bull float.

Special Conditions:

  • In environments with conditions that accelerate surface drying, such as low humidity or exposure to wind and sunlight, apply SpecFilm immediately after bull floating.


  • The application of the hardener should consider the concrete slump, environmental conditions, and the specified coverage. Apply to perimeter areas first as they set quicker than the interior.
  • Use a dry-shake process after the concrete has bled. Apply two-thirds of the hardener initially, allow it to darken as it absorbs moisture, then float using a wood or machine tool. Immediately follow with the remaining third and finalize with machine floating.
  • Do not add water during finishing as this weakens the surface. Instead, aim for a hard-troweled finish for optimal durability.

Curing: Apply an approved SpecChem ASTM C-309 compliant curing compound after the final troweling to ensure proper curing.


50-pound triple-lined bags.

Shelf Life

12 months when stored unopened in a dry facility. Store away from direct sunlight to avoid quality degradation.


1.5 to 2.5 pounds per square foot.

Test Data

Compressive Strength (ASTM C109):

  • 9,750 psi after 7 days
  • 12,500 psi after 28 days


  • Complies with U.S.D.A. standards for incidental contact with food products.
  • Meets American Concrete Institute Standards ACI 302, ACI 305, and ACI 306.