SpecPoxy Grout Green Conscious Product

High performance/high-strength epoxy grout

SpecPoxy Grout is an advanced, three-component, 100% solids epoxy grout specifically engineered for high-strength and low-exotherm applications. This meticulously formulated grout combines a high-strength epoxy resin and curing agent with a special blend of graded aggregates, offering exceptional flow properties within a durable epoxy matrix. It’s particularly suited for high-strength grouting and anchoring, providing an ideal solution for deep pour capabilities due to its low exotherm characteristics, ensuring a prolonged work time.

  • Specially engineered aggregate ensures high flow without segregation.
  • Exhibits excellent volume stability, ensuring maximum bond and load transfer.
  • Offers fast cure and high early strength, reducing downtime.
  • Demonstrates high compressive, bond, and tensile strength, ideal for dynamic loading.
  • Pre-measured for straightforward installation, with high modulus of elasticity and impact resistance.
  • Provides superior abrasion and chemical resistance.
  • Designed for deep pours up to 18” due to its low exotherm epoxy resin.

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Mixing Instructions:

  • Ensure air, material, and surface temperatures are at least 40°F before mixing or installation.
  • Precondition materials to 75°F to ease mixing and dispensing.
  • Mix Part A and Part B in a 3:1 volume ratio for three minutes using a low-speed drill and Jiffy mixer.
  • For larger batches, add the mixed epoxy to a mortar mixer, gradually incorporating Part C (aggregate) and mix for an additional 2-3 minutes to achieve maximum yield.
  • For high-flow applications, reduce Part C up to 25% by weight for a more fluid consistency.

Surface Preparation:

  • The surfaces must be clean, dry, and sound. Remove all contaminants and create a surface profile via sandblasting or mechanical abrasion, removing residues with oil-free compressed air.


  • Ensure continuous pouring to avoid air voids, maintaining full contact with the base plate. Grout placement should range from a minimum of 1.0” to a maximum of 18” in thickness per lift. Use full aggregate for applications over 6” deep. Anchor bolt holes must be clean and dry.


Available in 0.5 cubic foot and 2.0 cubic foot units, with specific proportions of Parts A, B, and C for accurate and efficient mixing.

Shelf Life

Store in original containers, tightly closed, avoiding contaminants. Properly stored SpecPoxy Grout has a shelf life of two years from the manufacturing date.


Must be a high-flow/high-strength epoxy grout, suitable for single pours up to 18 inches. SpecPoxy Grout meets these standards and is USDA approved for Food Processing applications.


Remove uncured material with SpecChem Solvent 100, Orange Peel, or other approved solvents. Cured material requires mechanical removal.