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SpecShield WB

Silane-siloxane water-based penetrating sealer

SpecShield WB is an innovative, 100% reactive, water-based silane-siloxane sealer. This effective sealer delivers a clear, penetrating, and breathable water repellent layer ideal for use on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, including interior and exterior, above-grade concrete or concrete block structures. It bonds directly with the substrate to offer superior resistance to moisture and salt attack, safeguarding against the corrosive effects of de-icing salts, moisture, and environmental wear, thus preventing spalling and deterioration of concrete and concrete block structures.

  • Offers outstanding protection against chloride penetration.
  • Ensures excellent water repellency while allowing the surface to breathe.
  • Features a VOC content of 0 grams/liter, promoting a safer environment.
  • Mitigates the damage from freeze-thaw cycles and environmental weathering on both vertical and horizontal concrete structures.
  • Provides durable, long-lasting protection for new and existing concrete surfaces.
  • Quick-drying to a tack-free, skid-resistant finish.
  • Water-based formula that is colorless and does not yellow over time.

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SpecShield WB is designed to enhance the longevity of concrete and concrete block structures such as decks, pavements, parking structures, ramps, bridges, and marine platforms by offering exceptional protection against de-icing salts, moisture, and weathering.

Application Instructions: For optimal results, use a low-pressure, non-atomizing sprayer for application. Coverage varies based on surface porosity. New concrete surfaces must be dry and well-cured (minimum 14 days) and free from moisture, curing residues, and contaminants. Always perform a test area to ensure satisfactory results.


Available in 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails.

Test Data

Technical Specifications:

  • Composition: Organofunctional siloxane and silane blend.
  • Flash Point: Greater than 200°F.
  • Shelf Life: 24 months.
  • Appearance: Water clear.
  • UV Resistance: Excellent.


Existing concrete and masonry surfaces should be free of sealers, dust, dirt, and oils, which can be achieved using SpecChem Orange Peel citrus cleaner or similar methods. Surfaces must be dry and capable of absorbing the SpecShield WB for effective protection.