Reactive form release agent

SpecStrip is an advanced, chemically reactive, mineral oil-based concrete release agent designed to prevent concrete from bonding to forms and form liners effectively. It is free from waxes and silicones, ensuring a clean and efficient release process.

  • Enhanced formwork release
  • Reduced concrete buildup on formwork and liners
  • Minimized formwork cleaning effort
  • Protection against rust for formwork
  • No residue, stain, or discoloration on concrete
  • Decreased concrete dusting

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  • Storage: Keep in the original, tightly sealed containers. Avoid water, dirt, or other contaminants.
  • Coverage: SpecStrip is ready-to-use and should not be diluted. Ensure form surfaces are free of dirt, rust, scale, and concrete buildup before application. Recommended application rates vary based on surface type, from 2000 sq ft/gal for steel, plastic, and fiberglass to 1000 sq ft/gal for dimensional lumber and BB grade plywood. Spray application is advised for optimal coverage and economy.
  • Spraying Instructions: Use an atomizing or misting spray tip for a thin, uniform film. Avoid over-application to prevent dusting. Remove any excess material or puddles promptly.
  • After Application: When applied correctly, SpecStrip leaves a smooth, architectural concrete surface ready for coatings, without any residue or staining. Follow coating manufacturer’s recommendations for surface preparation.


SpecStrip is available in 275-gallon totes, 55-gallon drums, and 5-gallon pails.

Shelf Life

When stored properly, SpecStrip has a shelf life of two years from the manufacturing date.


  • Performs well in cold temperatures, significantly reduces surface voids in concrete, and extends the lifespan of wood forms.
  • Complies with VOC emission standards for form releases (< 250 g/L).
  • Meets specifications including Corps of Engineers CEGS-03300 and Navy Dock and Piers 56359.