SpecTilt 100

Premium reactive solvent-based tilt-up bond breaker

SpecTilt 100 is a highly effective, chemically reactive tilt-up cure and bond breaker, formulated to ensure a seamless lift of tilt-up panels without leaving behind diesel, kerosene, waxes, or silicones. This product is notable for facilitating easier panel lifts without resin stains or discoloration and is robust enough to resist foot traffic abrasion.

  • Chemically reactive
  • Leaves no residue, stain, or discoloration
  • Resists foot traffic abrasion
  • Clean panels lift easier, no resin stains

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For New Concrete:

  • SpecTilt 100 is ready to use and should not be diluted. Apply it immediately after the final steel troweling, ensuring that the surface water has evaporated. A prompt application is crucial to prevent the formation of porous, dry casting slabs. It should cover the slab entirely at a rate of 200-400 sq ft/gal to meet ASTM C-309 moisture retention requirements.
  • Dry Time: Approximately 2 hours at 70°F, with adjustments based on temperature, humidity, and application rate.

Bond Breaker Coat:

  • The casting slab requires being well-cured, smooth, and clean of contaminants. Apply SpecTilt 100 before placing reinforcing steel and within two weeks of panel pouring at a rate of 400 sq ft per gallon. After drying, a second coat should be applied at right angles to the first, with a typical coverage rate of 500-700 sq ft per gallon.

On Old or Water-Cured Concrete:

  • Ensure the slab is devoid of any materials that might impair the product’s performance. After cleaning the slab, apply SpecTilt 100 until rejection, followed by a second coat after drying.

Before Pouring Concrete:

  • The surface must feel dry and soap-like to the touch, with water beading up similarly to a waxed car surface. Use water misting before pouring concrete to avoid damaging the casting slab surface.

Hot Weather Application Tips

  • Apply the cure coat immediately after finishing, particularly before cutting control joints, to ensure uniform surface film accumulation. In hot weather, timing and application rate are vital for achieving the correct cure coat thickness.
  • Saturate the casting slab with water before applying bond breaker coats to fill any remaining porosity, ensuring uniform application and minimizing the “osmotic effect.”

Additional Considerations:

  • Extra care is necessary with stack panels to mitigate the “osmotic effect” and potential sticking. It is advisable to apply SpecChem Cure & Seal 25 or Cure & Seal WB as a cure coat before the bond breaker coat to reduce sticking risks.
  • If SpecTilt 100 is correctly applied, panel painting can proceed once the concrete moisture content is suitable, adhering to the paint manufacturer’s recommendations for surface preparation.


SpecTilt 100 is available in 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails.

Shelf Life

When properly stored, the shelf life is two years from the manufacturing date.