SpecTilt EX

Quick-drying reactive VOC/OTC-compliant solvent-based bond breaker

Spec Tilt EX is a high-performance, chemically reactive cure and bond breaker tailored for tilt-up construction projects. This product boasts a unique solvent blend that delivers rapid drying capabilities, making it ideal for cool, damp climates. Designed to be environmentally friendly, it adheres to VOC compliance standards in specific regions, ensuring a clean lift of tilt-up panels without leaving residues, stains, or discoloration.

  • Chemically reactive
  • Fast drying for improved productivity in cool damp climates
  • Resists foot traffic abrasion
  • Clean panels — no residue, stain, or discoloration
  • OTC/VOC-compliant less than 350 g/l

Tech Sheet
Safety Sheet


Curing New Concrete:

  • Ready to use; do not dilute.
  • Apply immediately after final steel troweling when surface water has evaporated.
  • Covers entire slab to meet ASTM C-309 for moisture retention at 200-400 sq ft/gal.

Bond Breaker Coat:

  • Apply on well-cured, smooth, dense casting slabs.
  • Remove all contaminants before application.
  • First coat: Spray apply at 400 sq ft/gal. Second coat: Apply at 500-700 sq ft/gal after drying, at right angles to the first coat.
  • Ensure complete, uniform coverage. Reapply if necessary.

On Old or Water-Cured Concrete:

  • Ensure slab is free of substances that could impair Spec Tilt EX’s performance.
  • Flood slab with water, remove excess, then apply Spec Tilt EX to damp slab at 300-500 sq ft/gal. Apply a second coat as per the first.
  • Properly dried application should feel dry and soap-like.

Before Pouring Concrete:

  • Ensure the treated surface feels dry and soap-like.
  • Test slab with water droplets; they should bead up. Mist slab with water in hot/dry conditions before pouring.

Hot Weather Application Tips

  • Apply cure coat immediately after finishing to ensure uniform surface film accumulation.
  • Saturate the casting slab with water before applying bond breaker coats to fill any porosity and ensure even application.

Special Considerations

  • Use extra care with stack panels to prevent sticking. Apply Spec Tilt EX at 200-250 sq-ft/gal as a cure coat before bond breaker coats.
  • For painting panels, ensure Spec Tilt EX is not over-applied and follow paint manufacturer’s instructions for surface preparation.


Packaged in 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails.

Shelf Life

Store properly to extend the shelf life to two years from the date of manufacture.


  • Clean tools and sprayers with SpecChem Berry Clean or SpecChem Orange Peel.
  • Panels and slabs may not require cleaning with proper application but can be washed with a mild detergent or power washed if necessary.