What Causes Concrete Spalling?

Concrete spalling is the process of flaking or chipping of the surface of concrete. This typically occurs when the concrete is exposed to freezing and thawing, or when it is subjected to heavy impact or wear and tear. Concrete spalling can weaken the structure of the concrete and reduce its overall performance and longevity. Concrete spalling can be caused by a variety of factors, including: 1. Freeze-thaw damage: When water penetrates the surface of concrete and then freezes, it expands and can cause the surface of the concrete to flake or chip. This is known as freeze-thaw damage, and it is a common cause of concrete spalling. 2. Deicing salts: Deicing salts are commonly used on roads and sidewalks to melt ice and snow, but they can be damaging to concrete. The salts can penetrate the surface of the concrete and cause it to deteriorate, leading to spalling and other forms of damage. 3. Wear and tear: Concrete is a durable material, but it is not immune to wear and tear. Heavy traffic or impact on the surface of the concrete can cause it to spall and chip, reducing its overall strength and performance. 4. Poor curing: Proper curing is essential for the strength and durability of concrete, and failure to cure the concrete properly can lead to spalling and other forms of damage. Concrete should be cured according to the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines to prevent spalling and other forms of damage. By understanding the causes of concrete spalling and taking steps to prevent it, you can help ensure that your concrete surfaces remain in good condition and continue to perform well over time.


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