SC Precision Grout HS

High performance/high-strength grout

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Available in 50 lb. bags

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Features & Benefits

  • Non-metallic/non-corrosive
  • Controlled positive expansion for maximum effective bearing
  • Pourable/pumpable versatility
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion equivalent to concrete
  • Minimize equipment downtime
  • Can be extended with pea stone for deep applications
  • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance
  • High early/ultimate compressive strength capability


SC Precision Grout HS is a non-shrink, non-metallic, cementitious grout that provides high early and ultimate compressive strength throughout a variety of applications. When mixed with water, the unique formula creates a grout that is flowable and pumpable.

SC Precision Grout HS is designed to provide effective load-bearing for high-strength precision grouting applications such as compressors, heavy equipment foundations, and tank bases.