SpecPoxy Grout HS

High performance/high-strength epoxy grout

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Features & Benefits

  • Superior abrasion/chemical resistance
  • Excellent volume stability for maximum bond and load transfer in applications subjected to dynamic loading
  • Pre-measured proportions for easy installation
  • Special aggregate allows high flow capability for limited access grout placement without segregation
  • High modulus of elasticity and impact resistance
  • High compressive, bond, and tensile strength for maximum durability in vibration applications
  • Low exotherm epoxy resin for deep pours up to 18”
  • Fast-cure and high early strength for minimal downtime


SpecPoxy Grout HS is a specially formulated three-component, 100% solids, high-strength, low exotherm epoxy grout.

The system combines a high-strength epoxy resin and curing agent with a specially engineered blend of graded aggregates.

The special aggregate blend provides excellent flow and uniform distribution throughout the high-strength epoxy matrix.

The low exotherm epoxy resin allows a long work time and deep pour capabilities.