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Tilt-up Bond Breakers

SpecChem offers a comprehensive line of Tilt-Up Bond Breakers specifically designed for tilt-up construction projects. Our bond breakers, including SpecTilt WB, SpecTilt 100, SpecTilt EX, and Clean Lift 20/20, are meticulously engineered to ensure a smooth lift of tilt-up panels while adhering to industry standards. These bond breakers are formulated without diesel, kerosene, waxes, or silicones, ensuring purity and performance. With features like chemical reactivity, resistance to foot traffic abrasion, and clean lifts with no resin stains, our bond breakers provide the precision and quality required for successful tilt-up projects. Trust SpecChem’s compatible product line to meet all your tilt-up construction needs.

Product Resource Page

Tilt-up Bond Breakers

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Tilt-Up Bond Breakers are specially engineered products used in tilt-up construction to ensure a clean and easy lift of tilt-up panels. They create a barrier between the casting slab and the tilt-up panel, preventing them from bonding together.

Using a Tilt-Up Bond Breaker is crucial in tilt-up construction because it allows for the safe and efficient lifting of tilt-up panels. Without a bond breaker, the panels can become stuck to the casting slab, making it difficult to lift them without causing damage.

Tilt-Up Bond Breakers offer several benefits, including:

  • Smooth and clean panel lifts: Bond breakers ensure that tilt-up panels lift cleanly without any residue or stains.
  • Compliance with industry standards: Our bond breakers adhere to ASTM C309 moisture retention standards, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Resistance to foot traffic abrasion: Our bond breakers are designed to withstand foot traffic, reducing the risk of damage during construction.
  • VOC compliance: Our bond breakers are formulated to meet VOC regulations, making them environmentally friendly.

Yes, we offer a range of Tilt-Up Bond Breakers to suit different project requirements. Our product line includes:

  • SpecTilt WB: A premium reactive water-based bond breaker that meets ASTM C309 standards and offers excellent resilience against foot traffic abrasion.
  • SpecTilt 100: A premium reactive solvent-based bond breaker that ensures clean lifts with no residues or discolorations.
  • SpecTilt EX: A quick-drying reactive solvent-based bond breaker that is VOC/OTC compliant and ideal for cool and damp climates.
  • Clean Lift 20/20: A reactive water-based bond breaker that provides a distinctive appearance on the casting slab for easy identification.

SpecChem’s Curing Compounds and Cure & Sealers are formulated with advanced technologies to deliver superior performance. They offer excellent moisture retention, reduce surface dusting, resist yellowing, and provide long-lasting protection against harsh environmental conditions. Using SpecChem products ensures the highest quality results for your concrete projects.

The choice of Tilt-Up Bond Breaker depends on various factors such as project specifications, climate conditions, and personal preferences. Our sales team can assist you in selecting the most suitable bond breaker based on your specific requirements.

To ensure effective performance of Tilt-Up Bond Breakers, apply them evenly across the casting surface using a sprayer, roller, or brush. It’s crucial to achieve a consistent coverage without puddles or dry spots. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended application rate and allow sufficient drying time before placing concrete.

Tilt-Up Bond Breakers are designed not to interfere with the curing process of concrete. They form a temporary barrier that allows for moisture retention necessary for proper curing while preventing bonding between the concrete slab and the tilt-up panel.

Some Tilt-Up Bond Breakers are formulated to perform well in extreme weather conditions, including high humidity or low temperatures. It’s important to select a bond breaker that is suited for the specific environmental conditions of your project. For instance, SpecTilt EX is ideal for cool and damp climates.

Safety and environmental considerations are important when using Tilt-Up Bond Breakers. Products like SpecTilt WB are formulated to meet VOC regulations, reducing environmental impact. Always use personal protective equipment and follow safety guidelines provided in the product’s SDS.

Tilt-Up Bond Breakers

Core products

Clean Lift 20/20

Premium reactive water-based tilt-up cure/bond breaker

SpecTilt 100

Premium reactive solvent-based tilt-up bond breaker

SpecTilt EX

Quick-drying reactive VOC/OTC-compliant solvent-based bond breaker

SpecTilt WB

Premium reactive water-based tilt-up cure/bond breaker

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Maxi-Tilt E
Silcoseal 2000F
Silcoseal Select

Super Maxi Tilt
Silcoseal 100
Silcoseal Classic

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