Deco Shine Matte

Matte finish protective exterior sealer

Deco Shine Matte is a methacrylate-based cure and sealer, specifically formulated for exterior applications including exposed aggregate and other decorative concrete surfaces. This product provides a clear protective coating that delivers a subtle, satin/matte finish, enhancing the color and texture of surfaces without excessive shine. It is ideal for applications on stained concrete, exposed aggregate slabs, walkways, swimming pool decks, and walls.

  • Provides a clear, durable membrane that enhances concrete durability.
  • Seals concrete surfaces with a satin matte finish for easier maintenance.
  • Dustproofs concrete and is resistant to yellowing under UV exposure.
  • Offers excellent resistance to blushing in damp conditions.

Tech Sheet
Safety Sheet


Surface Preparation Ensure the concrete surface is clean and free of standing water. Remove any existing sealer or other materials that might prevent adhesion. Agitate well before every use.

For Fresh Concrete

  • Apply evenly using a spray or roller at a coverage rate of 350-400 sq ft per gallon. The product can be applied using a handheld pump-up sprayer or an airless industrial sprayer. For roller applications, use a short-napped solvent-resistant sleeve.

For Extra Gloss or Porous Surfaces

  • Apply a thin additional layer at 400 sq ft per gallon the following day for increased gloss or on highly porous surfaces.

For Existing Concrete

  • Surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and dried prior to application. Use pressure washing with a strong alkaline detergent for optimal preparation. Acid cleaning is insufficient for removing dirt, curing compounds, or old sealer.
  • Apply multiple thin coats (350-400 sq ft per gallon) for a harder, more durable finish. Allow 24 hours before applying a second coat if needed. Avoid heavy single applications.


Available in 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pails, and 1-gallon cans (4 cans per case).

Shelf Life

Maintains optimal quality for 2 years from the date of manufacture when stored in original tightly sealed containers. Prevent contamination from water, dirt, or other substances.


USDA accepted and VOC compliant.