Deco Shine

High-gloss protective exterior sealer

Deco Shine is a high-quality methacrylate cure and sealer designed specifically for exterior decorative concrete applications. It excels on exposed aggregate and other decorative concrete surfaces, delivering a clear, protective coating that enhances the natural beauty of aggregate by bringing out its radiance and luster. Deco Shine ensures a long-lasting, durable finish, making it perfect for a variety of applications, including stained concrete, exposed aggregate slabs, walkways, swimming pool decks, and walls.

  • Enhanced Durability: Provides a clear membrane for new or existing concrete, improving its durability.
  • Glossy Finish: Seals concrete surfaces, offering a glossy appearance that facilitates easier cleanup.
  • Dustproofing: Creates a tough, durable film that dust proofs concrete surfaces.
  • UV Resistant: Maintains its clarity without yellowing under ultraviolet exposure.
  • Blush Resistance: Exhibits excellent resistance to blushing in damp areas.

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  • Surface Preparation: Ensure the concrete surface is clean and free of any materials that could hinder adhesion.
  • Fresh Concrete Application: Achieve uniform coverage using a sprayer or roller, applying at 350-400 sq ft/gal. A second thin layer may be applied for extra gloss or on porous surfaces.
  • Sealing Existing Concrete: Clean and dry the surface thoroughly before application. Multiple thin coats are recommended for a more durable finish. Allow 24 hours before the second application.


Available in 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pails, and 1-gallon cans (sold in cases of 4).

Shelf Life

2 years from the date of manufacture when stored in its original, tightly sealed containers.


  • U.S.D.A. accepted.
  • Meets VOC content requirements as per EPA 40 CFR, Part 59, for Concrete Curing and Sealing Compounds, with a maximum VOC content of 700 g/l.