Sealer Renew

High-strength deblushing solvent/cleaner

Sealer ReNew is a high-strength solvent specifically formulated to rejuvenate and brighten existing decorative acrylic sealers. It can also clean or strip deteriorated sealer and release moisture blush (whitening) trapped beneath the sealer. This product offers a cost-effective alternative to reapplying sealer annually.

  • Restores original sheen to old acrylic/methacrylate sealers.
  • Releases trapped moisture from existing acrylic coatings.
  • Can be used as a thinning and cleaning solvent for coating applications.
  • Revitalizes and enhances original color and gloss without removing the existing sealer.

Tech Sheet
Safety Sheet


General Preparation: Sealer ReNew evaporates quickly, hence treat small sections at a time (5’ x 5’), ideally in cooler temperatures or minimal direct sunlight. Ensure the surface is free from dirt or contaminants to allow direct contact with the old sealer.

Renewing Old Sealer: Apply Sealer ReNew by brush or spray, covering approximately 250-300 sq-ft per gallon. Allow it to penetrate the old sealer for 3-4 minutes. For severe whitening, agitate the surface with cloth rags or a paintbrush to release moisture and dissolve discoloration. Once treated, allow the sealer to re-harden. If the existing sealer still appears dull or the finish is inconsistent, a thin application of SpecChem Deco Shine Plus or CrystalShine may be required to restore the desired finish.

Removing Old Sealer: To completely remove old acrylic or methacrylate sealers, use SpecChem Citrus Cleaner or Sealer ReNew at full strength.


Available in 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pails, and 1-gallon cans (6 per case).

Shelf Life

Sealer ReNew has a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture when stored in the original, tightly sealed containers in a cool, ventilated place protected from direct sunlight.