SpecTilt WB Green Conscious Product

Premium reactive water-based tilt-up cure/bond breaker

SpecTilt WB is a water-based, chemically reactive cure and bond breaker, meticulously developed to facilitate a smooth, effortless lift of tilt-up panels while complying with ASTM C309 moisture retention standards. It is environmentally friendly, free from diesel, kerosene, waxes, or silicones, and maintains compliance with VOC standards.

  • Chemically reactive
  • Clean panels lift easier, no resin stains
  • VOC-compliant < 350g/l
  • Resists foot traffic abrasion

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For New Concrete:

  • Mix or agitate SpecTilt WB before each use. Apply undiluted.
  • Apply immediately after final steel troweling, once the surface water has evaporated, ensuring full coverage at 250-350 sq ft per gallon on tightly steel troweled concrete.

Bond Breaker Coat:

  • Ensure the casting slab is well-cured, smooth, and clean of all contaminants.
  • Apply just before adding reinforcing steel, within two weeks of pouring panels, at 400 sq ft per gallon.
  • Apply a second coat at right angles after the first coat dries, typically at 500-700 sq ft per gallon, ensuring complete uniform coverage.

For Old or Water-Cured Concrete:

  • Ensure the slab is free from any materials that could impair performance.
  • Flood the slab with clean water, squeegee off excess, and then apply SpecTilt WB until rejection. A second coat should follow at right angles once dry.

Before Pouring Concrete:

  • Ensure the entire treated surface feels dry and soap-like. Test by sprinkling water; it should bead up.
  • Mist the slab with water before pouring to prevent surface scouring. Reapplication may be necessary if exposed to rain before the bond breaker coat dries.

Hot Weather Application Tips

  • Apply cure coat immediately after finishing to ensure a uniform surface film accumulation, especially on porous or roughly finished slabs.
  • Cool the slab and fill any remaining porosity with water before applying bond breaker coats.
  • Ensure uniform application to avoid the “osmotic effect” where water migration from fresh concrete into the dry slab can affect panel surface hydration.

Additional Considerations:

  • Use caution with stack panels and waste slabs to prevent sticking; a double coat may reduce this risk.
  • If applied correctly, panels can be painted once the moisture content reaches an acceptable level for paint application, adhering to the paint manufacturer’s instructions.


Available in 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails.

Shelf Life

Store between 45-85°F to avoid freezing and prolong shelf life to 1 year from the manufacturing date.


  • Clean tools and equipment with water before the bond breaker dries. For dried product, use SpecChem Berry Clean or Orange Peel.
  • Proper application negates the need for slab and panel cleaning, although a mild alkaline detergent can remove over-application.