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Surface Shine Brown EX

25% solids low VOC solvent-based pigmented cure & seal (ASTM C309)

Surface Shine Brown EX is a VOC-compliant brown pigmented acrylic polymer engineered to cure, seal, harden, and dustproof freshly placed concrete, as well as improve the wearability and durability of aged concrete surfaces. Formulated with a unique solvent blend, it provides fast-drying, solvent-base performance while adhering to VOC compliance in the OTC/LADCO/MRPO regions. This product offers a light brown tint that enhances the cement paste of Merrimack Brown exposed aggregate surfaces, delivering a refined appearance.

  • >55% solids
  • 0 g/L VOC content
  • 100% Asbestos-free

Tech Sheet
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For New Concrete:

  • Apply as soon as surface water has evaporated and without marring the concrete. Apply evenly in a uniform coat. For superior finish and added protection, a second coat can be applied at 400 sq ft/gal after the first coat has thoroughly dried.

For Existing Concrete:

  • Ensure the concrete surface is clean, dry, or damp and free from all stains, oil, grease, dirt, and incompatible coatings. Surface Shine Brown EX can renovate existing concrete, brick, or terrazzo floors, making them brighter and easier to maintain.

Application Tips:

  • Do not apply on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight to avoid rapid evaporation which may prevent proper film formation and could lead to bubbling, peeling, or blushing. Maintain high pressure in sprayers and keep the sprayer tip within 12 inches of the surface.
  • Agitate well before every use and apply in uniform thin films for best results. Two thin coats are recommended, never a single heavy coat. Avoid puddles and apply in accordance with recommended coverage rates.


Available in 5-gallon pails.

Shelf Life

Two years from the date of manufacture when stored in the original tightly closed containers. Avoid accumulation of water, dirt, or other contaminants.


  • Curing: 300 – 400 sq ft/gal
  • Dustproofing and Sealing: 400 – 600 sq ft/gal
  • Aged Concrete: 400 – 600 sq ft/gal