Surface Shine

High-gloss acrylic sealer (ASTM C1315 Class A)

Surface Shine is a transparent, high-gloss, non-yellowing acrylic polymer engineered as a cure and seal for both exterior and interior concrete surfaces, including exposed aggregate, natural stone, brick, quarry tile, terrazzo, and other concrete types. This durable sealer enhances the appearance of treated surfaces with a high-gloss sheen, offering protection against the damaging effects of de-icing salts, acid rain, abrasion, chemicals, oils, and extreme UV exposure. It also acts as a binder to minimize aggregate pop out and minimize efflorescence.

  • Minimizes efflorescence
  • Beautifies and protects stamped concrete, acid stained concrete, integrally colored concrete, and exposed aggregate
  • Will not yellow under extreme UV exposure
  • Protects sealed surfaces from damaging effects of de-icing salts and acid rain
  • Acts as a binder to minimize aggregate pop-out
  • Provides resistance to abrasion and a wide range of chemicals and oils

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Surface Preparation

  • The concrete surface must be clean and free of standing water. Remove any existing sealer or other materials that may inhibit adhesion.

For Fresh Concrete

  • Apply uniformly by spray or roller at a rate of 350-400 sq ft per gallon. Use a handheld “pump-up” sprayer or an airless industrial sprayer. For roller application, use a short-napped solvent-resistant sleeve to avoid whipping air into the sealer. If a higher gloss is desired or on particularly porous surfaces, a second thin coat can be applied the next day at 400 sq-ft per gallon.

For Existing Concrete

  • The surface must be clean, dry, or slightly damp and free of all stains, oil, grease, dirt, and incompatible coatings before application. This sealer will renovate and enhance the appearance of concrete, brick, or terrazzo floors, making them brighter and easier to maintain.


Available in 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails.

Shelf Life

Two years from the date of manufacture when stored in the original tightly closed containers. Avoid contamination from water, dirt, or other materials.


  • Concrete: 200 – 400 sq ft/gal
  • Exposed aggregate: 200 – 300 sq ft/gal
  • Brick, stucco, etc.: 200 – 300 sq ft/gal
  • Coverage may vary due to porosity and conditions of the concrete.


  • Meets ASTM C1315-95, Type I.
  • VOC Content: Less than 700 g/L, compliant with Federal VOC standards for curing and sealing compounds.


Clean application equipment immediately with xylene or another approved solvent after use.