Choosing the Right Repair Mortar for Different Concrete Applications: A SpecChem Guide


As a professional in the concrete construction industry, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the various repair mortars available and how to choose the right one for different concrete applications. In this quick guide, we will walk you through the selection process, considering factors such as the type of repair, application method, and depth of repair. By the end, you will be equipped with the knowledge to recommend the perfect SpecChem repair mortar for any situation.

The first question to ask is whether it’s a horizontal or vertical/overhead repair.

Horizontal Repairs – Overview

Horizontal repairs are a critical aspect of concrete construction, addressing damage and deterioration in concrete surfaces such as floors, pavements, and horizontal structures. These repairs are essential in maintaining the structural integrity and safety of various horizontal surfaces. SpecChem offers a range of specialized products specifically tailored for horizontal repairs, providing exceptional adhesion, durability, and ease of application. Our repair mortars are formulated to withstand heavy traffic, resist abrasion, and endure harsh environmental conditions, making them the ideal choice for horizontal repairs. With SpecChem’s high-performance products, contractors can confidently restore and enhance the longevity of horizontal concrete surfaces.

Horizontal Repairs – Product Selection

For Horizontal Repairs:
• All Applications: If the repair is for all applications, Duo Patch is the best choice. Its versatility and durability make it suitable for a wide range of horizontal repair projects.
• Small Repairs: For small repairs, SpecPatch 15 is the ideal option. This polymer-modified repair mortar provides excellent adhesion and can be easily shaped to achieve a seamless finish.
• Quick Turnaround (¼” – 6”): When dealing with rapid setting repairs at depths of ¼” to 6”, RepCon 928 is the go-to repair mortar. Its fast-setting properties ensure quick turnaround times without compromising on strength.

Vertical/Overhead Repairs – Overview

Vertical and overhead repairs are essential in the concrete construction industry, addressing specific repair needs in areas such as walls, ceilings, and other vertical surfaces. These repairs are often more complex and challenging due to the nature of working against gravity and the need for materials that can adhere effectively to vertical surfaces. SpecChem offers a range of products specifically tailored to vertical and overhead repairs, providing excellent workability and consistency to ensure proper application and adherence to vertical surfaces. These products are formulated to have the right balance of viscosity and thixotropy, allowing them to hang on walls and ceilings without sagging or falling out. With SpecChem’s specialized products for vertical and overhead repairs, contractors can achieve reliable and durable repairs in these challenging areas.

Vertical/Overhead Repairs – Product Selection

For Vertical/Overhead Repairs:
• Shallow Repairs (0 – 1/8)”: For vertical repairs at depths of 0 – 1/8”, Final Finish is the recommended option. It provides a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish while ensuring long-lasting performance.
• Deeper Repairs (1/8” – 2”): When dealing with vertical repairs at depths of 1/8” to 2”, RepCon V/O is the ideal choice. This repair mortar offers excellent bonding strength and structural integrity.


Choosing the right repair mortar is crucial for the success and longevity of any concrete repair project. By considering factors such as the type of repair, application method, and depth of repair, you can confidently determine the most suitable repair mortar from our product range. Remember, Duo Patch, SpecPatch 15, RepCon 928, Final Finish, and RepCon V/O are just a few of the exceptional repair mortars available from SpecChem. For more information and specific product recommendations, reach out to our knowledgeable team of associates.



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