How to Apply Liquid Hardeners

Application procedures for liquid floor hardeners include, but are not limited to:

  • SpecChem liquid hardeners are typically used to harden and dust proof any concrete surface.
  • Although not compliant to ASTM C-309 as a membrane forming curing compound, SpecChem floor hardeners may be used as a curing compound.
  • Liquid hardener penetration is crucial to performance. Surface must be clean and sound.
  • Previously applied membrane curing compounds and coatings must be completely removed prior to application of liquid hardener. SpecChem Orange peel may be used to clean and foreign matter.
  • An effective method to determine if the water is readily absorbed into the concrete, no additional cleaning is necessary.
  • Preferred application method is with a low pressure sprayer using a fan-type spray nozzle.
  • Surface finish and substrate can vary greatly, which changes application rates. Application rates can vary from 200-400 sq. ft. per gallon. Any white residue on the surface should be cleaned and rinsed immediately with water.


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