For a 27,000 person capacity stadium, SpecChem’s environmentally friendly products were key.

Children’s Mercy Park, home of MLS team Sporting Kansas City, is an award-winning 18,500-seat stadium hosting Major League Soccer matches and other field sports, with additional capacity of up to 27,000 for concerts.

The facility includes a number of amenities for players, including a high-end clubhouse area, complete with hydrotherapy room, shower areas, cardiology workout rooms, and players’ lounges, as well as locker rooms, the team doctor’s office, reception and maintenance areas, and administrative and support areas. An outdoor plaza area located on the west side of the stadium is utilized for concerts and private events.

SpecChem’s system of environmentally friendly chemical solutions were utilized during all concrete phases of construction. Bio Strip WB ensured a clean, consistent, architectural release on all concrete from the first tie-back walls, piers, and footings to final field-level walls, stairs, and risers. E-Cure was applied to columns, as well as all interior hard-troweled slabs to cure, densify and strengthen. SpecRez was used as the curing compound on all exterior slabs. Finally, All Shield was used as a concrete protectant and stain repellent in all food service areas for its remarkable resistance to oil, water, food stains, and other liquid contaminants.

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