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Specialty Epoxies & Polyurea Products

SpecChem’s Specialty Epoxies & Polyureas offer a wide range of high-performance solutions for various construction applications. Our versatile products, such as MVM Prime 5000, PolyFix, Rapid Flex 90, and SpecPoxy Coating, are designed to meet the specific needs of contractors, specifiers, and distributors. From primers and sealers to grouts and mortars, our specialty epoxies and polyureas provide exceptional durability, chemical resistance, and adhesion. Whether you’re working on joint armoring, surface protection, or structural repairs, trust SpecChem for reliable and innovative solutions that deliver superior results. With our robust distribution network and rigorous quality control measures, SpecChem stands out as a trusted leader in the industry.

Product Resource Page

Specialty Epoxies & Polyurea Products

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Specialty Epoxies & Polyurea Products are a range of high-performance construction materials specifically designed for concrete applications. These products offer superior strength, durability, and protection to concrete surfaces.

Specialty Epoxies & Polyurea Products provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete surfaces
  • High chemical resistance
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Waterproofing and moisture barrier properties
  • Fast curing and rapid return to service
  • UV resistance for outdoor applications
  • Flexibility to accommodate movement in concrete

Specialty Epoxies & Polyurea Products are versatile and can be used in various concrete applications, such as:

  • Concrete repair and restoration
  • Joint filling and sealing
  • Crack repair and prevention
  • Decorative coatings and overlays
  • Industrial floor coatings
  • Waterproofing and damp proofing
  • Bridge and infrastructure protection

Specialty Epoxies & Polyurea Products are specifically formulated for demanding concrete applications. They offer enhanced performance characteristics, such as higher strength, improved chemical resistance, faster curing times, and better adhesion to concrete surfaces compared to regular epoxy or polyurethane products.

Yes, many Specialty Epoxies & Polyurea Products can be applied to new concrete surfaces. Some products are designed for early application, allowing for faster installation of floor coverings or overlays on freshly poured concrete.

Yes, many Specialty Epoxies & Polyurea Products are UV resistant and can withstand exposure to sunlight and weather conditions. These products are ideal for outdoor applications, such as bridge decks, parking lots, and other concrete surfaces exposed to the elements.

The selection of the right product depends on the specific requirements of your project. Factors to consider include the type of concrete application, desired performance characteristics, environmental conditions, and project specifications. It is recommended to consult with a SpecChem representative or technical expert to determine the most suitable product for your needs.

Depending on the specific product and application, a primer may be recommended to enhance adhesion and performance. It’s important to refer to the Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for each product to determine if a primer is necessary for your particular application.

Yes, certain Specialty Epoxies & Polyurea Products are specifically formulated for use on vertical and overhead surfaces. These products typically have a thixotropic nature, allowing them to be applied without sagging or dripping.

Proper surface preparation is crucial for the effective application of Specialty Epoxies & Polyurea Products. This typically involves cleaning the surface, removing any loose or deteriorating material, and ensuring the surface is dry and free of contaminants. Specific preparation requirements can be found in the product’s TDS.

Specialty Epoxies & Polyureas

Core products

Poly Fix

Ultra-low viscosity polymer concrete repair binder

Rapid Flex 90

Rapid-curing, semi-rigid polyurea control joint filler

Rapid Flex CJ

Rapid curing, semi-rigid polyurea control joint filler

SpecPoxy Grout

High performance/high-strength epoxy grout

Competitor Equivalents

Product comparision

Metzger McGuire Rapid Refloor
Roadware 10 Minute Mender
Ardex Ardifix

Metzger McGuire Edge Pro 90

Euco QWIKjoint
UVR Sika Loadflex 524 EZ
VersaFlex SL 85
VersaFlex SL 88
Adhesives Technology Crackbond JF 311
Metzger McGuire RS 88
Ardex Ardiseal Rapid Plus

Dural 50
MasterEmaco P 160
Sikadur 51
Pro Poxy 40 LV LM

Dural #452 LV
MasterInject 1701
Sikadur Hi Mod 35
Rezi-Weld LV
J-56 Concressive 1375
(AT) Crackbond LR 321
TK-Epoxy Patch 211
Kaufman Surepoxy HMLV

Dural #452 MV
MasterEmaco ADH 330
Sikadur Hi Mod 32
Rezi-Weld 1000
Pro Poxy 204 Concressive LPL
(AT) Ultrabond 2100
TK-EPO 2000 Bonding Agent
Kaufman Surepoxy HM

Dural #452 Gel
MasterEmaco ADH 335
Sikadur Hi Mod 31
Rezi-weld Gel Paste
Pro-Poxy 300 Concressive 1444
(AT) Ultrabond 2300
Quikrete DOT Anchoring Epoxy
Kaufman Surepoxy HM Gel

Dural Fast Set Gel
Rapid Gel
Sikadur Hi Mod 33
Rezi-Weld Gel Paste
J-51 FS
Pro-Poxy 300 Fast
(AT) Ultrabond 1300
TK-Epoxy Crack Filler 9000
DeNeef Denepox Rapid Gel

MasterSeal 350
Sikadur 22
TK-Epoxy Bridge Deck Overlay 2109
Poly-Carb, Inc. Mark-151.6
154 Safe-T-Grid

Duralkote 240
MasterTop 1213
Sikafloor 261
Sikagard 62 J-37
ChemMasters Duraguard 120
Tennant Eco-CEP
Vexcon PowerCoat Epoxy HD

Euco 700
MasterSeal CR 335, 190
Sikadur 51 SL
Rezi-Weld Flex
Metzger McGuire MM-80, MM-80P
Tennant Eco-EJF System  

MasterFlow 648 CP
Sikadur 42
Rezi-Weld 3/2
Pro-Poxy 2000 NS
L&M Epogrout 758
Vexcon Certi-Vex Epoxy Grout 100
Kaufman K-Pro Five Star Epoxy Grout
Five Star DP Epoxy Grout

Duralflex Fastpatch
Sikadur 43
Patch-Pak Sure Patch
Pro-Poxy 2500
Anti-Hydro Silica Epoxy Topping #140
Metzger McGuire Armor-Hard
Lambert Corp. Epiweld® 9-N-7

Dural 50 LM
MasterFlow GP
MasterEmaco P 160
Pro-Poxy 50-1
TK-Bridge Deck & Crack Sealer 2110
DeNeef Denepox I-40
Five Star Products Rapid Surface Repair R-60

Specialty Epoxies & Polyureas

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