For an effective and eco-friendly curing solution, JFK Airport uses SpecChem’s Pave Cure Rez White.

To ease traffic congestion and accommodate today’s larger aircrafts at one of the nation’s busiest airports, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey elected to reconstruct their largest runway, the 14,572 ft. 13R-31L, one of the longest commercial runways in the world. We were called on to provide an eco-friendly, VOC compliant curing solution that met the stringent specifications of NYDOT, ASTM, and the FAA. Nearly 90,000 gallons of Pave Cure Rez White was spray applied during the four months of construction.

Additionally, SpecFilm, an evaporation retardant, was used to protect the freshly placed concrete from accelerated surface water loss, and SpecStrip, a VOC compliant form release agent was utilized to provide clean, efficient form seperation.

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