SpecChem’s Polishable Concrete Toppings: The Future of Concrete Flooring

In the dynamic world of concrete construction, aesthetics and functionality are two vitally important aspects of concrete flooring. As distributors, contractors, architects, and engineers already know, achieving a consistent, visually appealing finish on a durable surface can sometimes be challenging but crucial for customers. Enter SpecChem’s polishable concrete toppings—a game changer that marries the rugged reliability of concrete with the sophistication of polished finishes. From upscale retail spaces to expansive warehouses, the demand for such seamless overlays has been steadily rising, and for a good reason. In this deep dive, we'll explore SpecChem products, their distinct advantages, and why they've become the choice for industry professionals seeking both beauty and brawn in their flooring solutions.


SpecChem’s Polishable Concrete Toppings

SpecChem offers three core polishable concrete toppings:

  1. Spec Level PCT Gray - This is a base gray overlay.
  2. Spec Level PCT - Offers a salt and pepper finish.
  3. Spec Level PCT with Aggregate (PCT-AGG) – A terrazzo-like finish with larger aggregate

While each of SpecChem's polishable concrete toppings brings its own set of advantages to the table, there's one product that has particularly caught the attention of the industry and deserves a closer look. SpecLevel PCT-AGG, with its distinct larger stone mix and versatility, stands out not only in our lineup but also in the wider market. Given its skyrocketing popularity and the unique value it offers, it's only fitting that we delve deeper into what makes the PCT-AGG so special and why it's rapidly becoming the preferred choice for many.


Spotlight on SpecLevel PCT-AGG: Revolutionizing Concrete Overlays

SpecLevel PCT-AGG comes with larger stone in the mix, simulating the look of polished concrete. It's especially useful for warehouse repairs, where the objective is to match the surrounding existing concrete. For instance, when flooring in a building is removed, often what's left is an unsightly concrete surface.

The solution? SpecLevel PCT-AGG. Unlike inconsistent ready-mix concrete, a premixed bag product ensures a consistent finish. This means no uneven patches or areas devoid of stone. It’s for this reason that upscale retail areas like Tesla dealerships and Lululemon shops are veering towards polished overlays. These overlays aren’t just aesthetically consistent, but they’re also low maintenance and long-lasting.


Comparing SpecChem’s PCT-AGG with Other Options: A Clear Winner

In the market, there are a few competitors for SpecLevel PCT-AGG:

  • Ardex K520.
  • Mapei Ultratop PC.
  • Rapid Set TRU PC.

However, from a market standpoint, about 95% prefer the PCT-AGG due to its distinct look and finish. Regions have their preferences, like New York City favoring the salt and pepper look. The base gray, on the other hand, is more for economical large-scale projects.


Extended Workability

SpecLevel PCT products offer an extended working time of 5-10 minutes compared to other polishable concrete toppings. During the summer, when temperatures often soar to 90 degrees, having an additional five to ten minutes on our product can make the difference between a successful project and a potential failure. This is a significant selling point, and many field experts value this feature.


How SpecLevel PCT Reduces Labor Costs and Boosts Efficiency

SpecLevel PCT also helps contractors save time and money. Many overlays harden quickly and reach higher PSI levels, making them challenging to cut. SpecLevel PCT hardens at a more controlled rate, gradually attaining a high PSI. This offers greater workability during the polishing process. Some contractors are able to start polishing with a 60-80 metal bond when diamond polishing. Eliminating a step in the polishing process leads to substantial savings in labor costs. In regions with high labor rates like Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, this becomes an even more compelling selling point.


Introducing SpecChem’s Comprehensive Polished Concrete Flooring Product System

At SpecChem, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive system tailored to the needs of the industry. Our complete concrete flooring system includes SpecProxy 1000, SpecLevel PCT-AGG, LithSeal SC, SpecGuard, All Shield EX, and RapidFlex. We have the capability to supply every essential component for overlay projects from a single manufacturer. The advantage here is the single-source liability; if an issue arises, we're committed to resolving it in collaboration with our partners.


The Advantage of Single Manufacturer Product Systems

At SpecChem, we talk a lot about the massive advantage of working with a single manufacturer of a system of project-specific products (concrete polishing, in this case), rather than dealing with multiple sources on a project.


Why is this an advantage?

By choosing our system, contractors can work with a single entity, streamlining their processes and ensuring consistency in product quality. Additionally, you avoid product liability nightmares by working with a single manufacturer of a system of products, rather than a bunch of companies who manufacture (or sometimes don’t even manufacture, but only market) individual products.


Take a look at SpecChem’s concrete polishing system below:


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