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SpecLevel PCT with Aggregate flooring.

Unleash the Potential of Polished Concrete: A Comprehensive Guide to Selling and Using SpecLevel PCT-AGG

Last week, we did a deep dive into SpecChem’s polishable concrete toppings, and an even deeper dive into our outstanding SpecLevel PCT-AGG. Below, let’s review some specific SpecLevel PCT-AGG related questions that often come up during the sales process, so…

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SpecChem’s Polishable Concrete Toppings: The Future of Concrete Flooring

In the dynamic world of concrete construction, aesthetics and functionality are two vitally important aspects of concrete flooring. As distributors, contractors, architects, and engineers already know, achieving a consistent, visually appealing finish on a durable surface can sometimes be challenging…

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Self-leveling Underlayments: A Quick Guide

Self-leveling underlayments are used to create a smooth, even surface for the concrete. Self-leveling underlayments are often used in situations where the existing subfloor is uneven or damaged, or when a highly smooth and level surface is required for subsequent…

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