Unleash the Potential of Polished Concrete: A Comprehensive Guide to Selling and Using SpecLevel PCT-AGG

Last week, we did a deep dive into SpecChem’s polishable concrete toppings, and an even deeper dive into our outstanding SpecLevel PCT-AGG. Below, let’s review some specific SpecLevel PCT-AGG related questions that often come up during the sales process, so that whether buying or selling, you’ll understand the unique advantages of SpecLevel PCT-AGG.

Beyond the Basics: What Sets SpecLevel PCT-AGG Apart?

First let’s look at the key selling points that make SpecLevel PCT-AGG the standout product on the market.

  1. Maintaining Excellence: Our Commitment to Quality. A significant SpecChem advantage is that we manufacture all of our products. This isn’t just a marketing statement. Being the actual manufacturer allows us to control quality comprehensively. This is particularly essential for our aesthetically driven overlay products. There’ve been issues with consistency among some competitors, but with SpecChem, consistency is a guarantee.
  2. Consistency in View: Achieving Uniform Aggregate Exposure. Customers desire consistency in aggregate exposure. There’s an industry term, “chasing aggregate” or “chasing the stone.” It refers to the challenge contractors face with some products where the stone settles, making it tough to achieve a uniform look. Our blend addresses this concern. The aggregate we use offers consistent exposure.
  3. Visual Appeal: Emphasizing the Aesthetic Finish. A product’s final look is paramount. Customers want to observe the exposed stone and its ease of exposure. They’re also keen to understand the finished product’s aesthetics.

An Insightful Overview for Distributors, Contractors, Architects, and Engineers

 Below are some additional key questions often asked about SpecLevel PCT-AGG.


Mastering the Diamond Tooling Process: A Contractor’s Guide

We are often asked about the ideal diamond tooling process for achieving superior finishes in your projects. The importance of making the investment in a solid diamond tooling process cannot be understated for getting the results you want. Here’s a concise step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the diamond tooling process efficiently, whether you’re using Husqvarna or Boride tooling.

Refining Your Approach: Steps to a Superior Finish

  1. Start Grinding with 80 Grit Metal Bond: This coarse grit is your starting point to remove any imperfections and to open up the concrete surface.
  2. Apply SpecChem’s Polyfix: Utilize Polyfix at this stage to ensure optimal enhancement and fortification of the surface as you move to finer grits.
  3. Move to 50 Grit Metal/Resin Bond: This is your transitional stage, combining metal and resin to start smoothing out the roughness left from the initial grind.
  4. Progress to 100 Grit Metal/Resin Bond: Continue the refining process, moving to a finer grit to further smooth the surface.
  5. Switch to 200 Resin Bonded (Pad): At this point, shift to resin-bonded pads to begin the polishing process, achieving a smoother surface.
  6. Apply Densifier (SpecChem’s LithSeal or SpecHard) & Stain: Treat the surface with a densifier to harden the concrete and apply stain for enhanced appearance.
  7. Polish with 400 Resin Bonded (Pad): Continue the polishing process with a 400-grit resin-bonded pad to increase the shine and refinement of the surface.
  8. Finish with 800 Resin: Finally, use an 800 grit resin-bonded pad for the highest level of shine and smoothness, ensuring a polished, premium-quality finish.

Remember, every step in this guide is pivotal for achieving a high-quality finish, ensuring the durability and aesthetic appeal of your concrete surfaces. Stick to the sequence and pay attention to the details at each stage, and you’re on your way to delivering top-notch results in every project.

Defining Aesthetics: Color Choices in SpecLevel PCT

We are also often asked about the color of our SpecLevel PCT products. Our blend tends to be a lighter gray – a natural concrete hue. While some competitors offer a brownish tone, ours stands out for being the color customers tend to prefer. Even though color isn’t always the primary factor customers are considering, it’s one more advantage SpecLevel PCT brings to the table.

Diversity in Detail: Our Approach to Aggregate Blends

Finally, another topic that often comes up is whether we offer a variety of aggregate blends. The answer is no, but for a good reason. We already provide an outstanding contrast in our blends. Our selection includes blues, tans, reds, and browns, offering a diverse aggregate exposure. This high contrast is precisely what industry professionals seek. It ensures that from a distance, the contrast remains strong, making the floor pop visually.

Speeding Up Success: The Benefits of SpecPoxy Accelerator

One additional point worth noting is that users don’t have to wait the full 24 hours to cut it. Additionally, we have an epoxy accelerator product – the SpecPoxy Accelerator. Traditionally, with SpecPoxy 1000, there was a waiting period for the epoxy to cure. Now, with the accelerator, the entire process can be accelerated, allowing for floor prep, priming, and overlay placement potentially in the same day.

Solidifying Your Knowledge: A Closing Overview of SpecLevel PCT-AGG

In summary, SpecLevel PCT-AGG stands as a testament to SpecChem’s commitment to quality, innovation, and aesthetic appeal. This guide serves as an initial step in understanding the multifaceted advantages and applications of SpecLevel PCT-AGG. Whether you’re a distributor, contractor, architect, or engineer, embracing the details and features outlined here will allow you to fully realize the potential of polished concrete, ensuring that every project stands out with unparalleled durability and aesthetic appeal. Keep an eye out for upcoming content, where we’ll continue to share insights, tips, and in-depth knowledge, aiding you in maximizing the benefits of choosing SpecChem products.



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