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Curing compounds and cure & Sealers

SpecChem offers a comprehensive range of curing compounds and cure & sealers to protect and enhance your concrete surfaces. Our products, including Crystal Rez, Cure & Seal 25 EX, Cure & Seal 25, Cure & Seal 25 UV EX, Cure & Seal 25 UV, Cure & Seal 30 EX, Cure & Seal EX, Cure & Seal WB 25, Cure & Seal WB 30, Cure & Seal WB, Cure Shield EX, Cure Shield, Cure Shield WB, E-Cure, PolyCure, SC Cure 500, and SpecRez, are specifically formulated to provide optimal curing and sealing properties. These products improve concrete hydration, offer protection against moisture, chemicals, and UV damage, and enhance the overall durability and appearance of your concrete surfaces. With SpecChem’s curing compounds and cure & sealers, you can ensure the long-lasting performance and aesthetics of your concrete projects.

Product Resource Page

Curing compounds and cure & Sealers

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Curing Compounds and Cure & Sealers are essential products used to enhance the strength, durability, and appearance of cured concrete. They help prevent moisture loss, reduce cracking, and protect the concrete surface from damage caused by weathering, chemicals, and abrasion.

Using Curing Compounds and Cure & Sealers is crucial for achieving optimal concrete performance. They promote proper curing, which improves the concrete’s strength and reduces the risk of surface defects. Additionally, these products provide long-lasting protection, extending the lifespan of the concrete and enhancing its visual appeal.

Yes, Curing Compounds and Cure & Sealers are designed to be used on various types of concrete, including floors, driveways, sidewalks, and walls. They are suitable for both new construction projects and the maintenance of existing concrete surfaces.

Curing Compounds form a thin film on the concrete surface, preventing moisture evaporation during the curing process. This allows the concrete to properly hydrate and develop its full strength. Cure & Sealers, on the other hand, not only provide curing benefits but also create a protective barrier that enhances the concrete’s resistance to stains, chemicals, and UV damage.

SpecChem’s Curing Compounds and Cure & Sealers are formulated with advanced technologies to deliver superior performance. They offer excellent moisture retention, reduce surface dusting, resist yellowing, and provide long-lasting protection against harsh environmental conditions. Using SpecChem products ensures the highest quality results for your concrete projects.

The choice of Curing Compounds and Cure & Sealers depends on various factors, including the type of concrete, project requirements, and desired finish. SpecChem offers a wide range of products with different formulations and features. It’s recommended to consult with a SpecChem representative or refer to the product documentation for guidance on selecting the most suitable product for your specific application.

Yes, SpecChem’s Curing Compounds and Cure & Sealers are designed for easy application. They can be applied using a sprayer, roller, or brush, depending on the product and the size of the project. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines for proper application and best results.

Yes, SpecChem’s Curing Compounds and Cure & Sealers are formulated to meet or exceed industry standards. They comply with relevant ASTM specifications and are tested for quality and performance. SpecChem is committed to providing products that meet the highest industry standards for concrete construction.

For more information about SpecChem’s Curing Compounds and Cure & Sealers, including product specifications, application guidelines, and case studies, please visit our website or contact a SpecChem representative. We are here to assist you in choosing the right products for your concrete projects.

The application of Curing Compounds and Cure & Sealers does not significantly alter the intrinsic curing time of concrete. However, these products help maintain optimal moisture levels in the concrete during the curing process, ensuring the concrete develops maximum strength and durability within the standard curing period.

Curing Compounds and Cure & Sealers

Core products

Cure & Seal 25

25% solids solvent-based cure & seal

Cure & Seal 25 EX

25% solids, low VOC, solvent-based cure & seal

Cure & Seal WB

ASTM C-309 compliant water-based cure & seal

Cure & Seal WB 25

25% solids water-based cure & seal


Water-based concrete curing compound


Water-based dissipating resin curing compound

Competitor Equivalents

Product comparision

  • Diamond Clear
  • Rez Seal
  • Super RezSeal
  • MasterKure CC 250 SB
  • CS-309-25
  • J-20
  • J-22
  • L&M Dress & Seal 25
  • ChemMasters Spray-Cure & Seal 25
  • TK-Kure & Seal 1315
  • MasterKure CC 300 SB
  • CS-309-30
  • Decra-Seal
  • J-23
  • J-25
  • NoxCrete Cure & Seal 1315 A
  • L&M Dress & Seal 30
  • Certi-Vex Gloss Sealer FT
  • Aqua-Cure VOX
  • Diamond Clear VOX
  • MasterKure CC 160 WB
  • VOCOMP-20 =
  • J-18
  • J-19
  • (GS) Multi-Purpose Sealer
  • (NX) Cure & Seal 120 E
  • Lambert Corp. Glazecote 20
  • L&M Dress & Seal WB
  • Super Aqua-Cure VOX
  • Super Diamond Clear
  • J-19
  • J-22 WB
  • Cure & Seal 1315 EF
  • (NX) Cure & Seal 250 E
  • L&M Dress & Seal WB 25
  • Chemical Lumiseal WB Plus
  • V-Seal Industra-Gloss 350
  • Luster Seal 300
  • Super Diamond Clear
  • MasterKure CC 250 SB CS-309-35
  • Tiah
  • Decra-Seal
  • J-22UV
  • J-25
  • L&M LumiSeal Plus
  • ChemMasters Traz 25
  • Lambert Corp. Exposite SB
  • ChemMasters Silencure-A
  • ChemMasters Silencure-SRT
  • Kurez DR VOX
  • Kurez 100
  • 1100-Clear
  • J9 – A
  • Clear Cure VOC J-7WB
  • L & M Cure R
  • W-2
  • Vexcon Certi-Vex Envio RC 1000
  • Anti-Hydro Curing Compound #2 WP WB
  • ChemMasters Safe-Cure 1000
  • Nox-Crete Res Cure DH 100
  • Lambert Aqua Kure Clear

Curing Compounds and Cure & Sealers

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